Anti-aging Nutraceuticals

Anti-aging Nutraceuticals in Beverly Hills

Nutraceutical is literally a combination of the words “Nutrition” and “Pharmaceutical” and can be applied to a broad variety of products that may include pharmaceutical drugs, foods, dietary supplements, herbal products, skincare products, and others.

Dr. Golshani offers patients recommended nutraceuticals that aim to reduce the natural effects of age. Anti-aging nutraceuticals attempt to slow the biological aging process and degenerative skin changes through the power of prescribed nutrition.

Anti-aging nutraceuticals provide patients with pre-operative and post-operative nutritional support that contain the necessary ingredients in order to maintain healthy skin. Each individual has different needs that respond to different approaches and Dr. Golshani will help you discover the best nutraceuticals that work best for you.

Dr. Golshani provides each and every one of his clients with a distinct level of care that differentiates him over other cosmetic plastic surgeons. By paying attention to the small details can Dr. Golshani begin to develop a successful 1-on-1 relationship that aims at delivering results. Call him for a free consultation today.

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