Black Market Botox Injections: Why This Cannot Be Trusted

Don’t take chances, use a board-certified plastic surgeon for all of your Botox needs.

You can probably find every designer item worth buying on the Black Market, including glasses, shoes, handbags, and now, even Botox and a variety of other fillers. But using fillers is not just a matter of carrying a brand name; you have to think about your safety.

While getting Black Market injections can save you a lot of money up front, it could turn to be costly in the long run. First, there are the ramifications of using a fake product, and second, there is the risk of having an unskilled, uncertified, and often times an unlicensed “physician” administering the product. How can you possibly trust someone who’s using inferior products to take your health and safety into consideration?

What it means to use black market plastic surgery solutions?

Numerous deaths have been reported from the use of black market buttocks injections, and official data suggests that even more injuries occur every day as a result of unauthorized injections. Black Market injections are definitely risky.

For instance, there are two types of Botox in the Black Market: the first one is manufactured in the USA by Allergan, exported for foreign use, altered by fraudulent people, and redistributed in different countries at a lower price; and the second one is simply fake Botox, with a different recipe.

The “Black Market” is an unlawful trade or traffic in scarce or officially controlled commodities. The scarcity coupled with high demand for certain products motivates people to purchase and modify or manufacture knock-offs and sell them to consumers at a lower rate. The extent of danger may not be significant when dealing with handbags or watches, but there are serious safety concerns when the fakes are pharmaceuticals.

Repercussions of Black Market Botox

Many doctors and patients alike love Botox and other cosmetic injections. Botox is a real medical procedure with the potential to cause actual medical complications if used improperly. Using a knock-off only increases the risks for problems.

Users have suffered fatalities because of requesting untrained persons to administer the right injections, which only increases the risk for fake products. Common risks of Black Market Botox include abscesses or skin infections at best, and permanent disfiguring, blindness, respiratory arrest, and even death at worst.

Detecting Black Market Injections

Everyone, and particularly women, wants to look more beautiful and youthful, and injectables like Botox help you do that. But you should know that it takes research, quality control, and other essential processes in the production process before the product gets to you, so you shouldn’t expect it to be cheap. To protect yourself from fakes, you should follow this rule of thumb: if it is cheap, has a funky label, or comes with a cheap injector, then it is probably fake and unsafe for human use.

“If it’s too good to be true, then it probably is.”