Difference Between a Breast Lift versus a Breast Implant?

When you see the words “breast lift” and “breast implants”, you probably get this idea that they are more or less the same, right? They are actually two different procedures.

Difference Between Breast Lifts and Breast Implants

First off, it’s important to understand that both procedures are done for cosmetic reasons. However, a breast reduction procedure is usually performed for both cosmetic and physical reasons.

Breast implants aim for one goal regarding a woman’s chest: to enlarge the appearance of her breasts. Women want to feel confident inside of their bodies and breast implants are a great way to restore confidence in an area that they may be unsatisfied with.

Breast lifts do not enlarge the breasts, but they may naturally appear larger when lifted. Implants are not added during a breast lift procedure but often times many women opt for breast implants along with their breast lift for a complete breast makeover that results in added volume, fullness, and definition to their breasts.

Why would a woman choose to have a breast lift?

Women seek breast lifts to compensate for sagging breasts, or breasts that droop downwards. Aging is a natural process that will potentially sag a woman’s breasts over time due to a loss in skin elasticity. Other factors such as pregnancy can also cause this phenomenon. Some women have breasts that develop this way during puberty. There are many factors that determine the way a woman’s breasts will appear.

Breasts that sag will not affect your health in ways that large breasts can and most often times do. If you are young, then it is best to wait until your breasts are fully developed before you make a life-changing decision. Breast development typically begins shortly after puberty in women around the ages of 15-18. Many factors may change the way your breasts develop, but generally you should wait until the age of 25 to see if any changes occur before deciding on any breast procedure – not just breast lifts.