Breast Revision Surgery: Complications and Implications

Breast revision surgery can be extremely complex and the proper execution of such a procedure requires exceptional surgical technique, experience, and extreme attention to detail. The difficulty in these particular cases lies in the procedure being performed as well as the results from previous surgery/surgeries. Generally, any woman undergoing a breast augmentation will need some sort of a breast revision in the future, however, there are many other reasons that women may need to undergo a breast revision surgery. Dr. Golshani specializes in this area of plastic surgery and has extensive experience correcting some of the most difficult cases. When deciding to undergo any sort or augmentation or revision, it is extremely important for the patient to see a board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon with significant experience and expertise in the field. Dr. Golshani has properly revised and corrected thousands of patients who have suffered from poor augmentations done by other surgeons, complications with implants, and has reconstructed thousand who have undergone bariatric and mastectomy surgeries.

The need for breast revision surgery emanate from a number of different causes ranging from problems with the surgical placement or position of the original implant, problems with the actual implant, problems with the patient’s breast tissue characteristics, and sometimes a combination. Improper surgical placement or position of an implant can create problems such as bottoming out and double-bubble deformity or high riding implants. Bottoming out occurs when the implant appears low on the chest and the nipples appear to be in an overly high position. Bottoming out often requires reconstruction of the internal capsule and often a breast lift with removal of skin along the bottom of the breast is required. Double-bubble deformity occurs when implants are improperly placed and are positioned too high. In order to fix this complication, patients generally have to undergo a capsulotomy (release of the scar tissue) as well as replacement of the implant.

Due to the fact that implants are a man-made product, there is always a chance for the implant to rupture or leak in both silicone and saline. It is generally obvious when a saline implant ruptures or leaks because the breast will look deflated, however, silicone can appear differently therefore it is important to continually follow up with your surgeon to prevent complications. If one is to arise, it should be replaced as soon as possible. Implants that are teardrop shape or anatomical, have a possibility to rotate over time creating a distorted and abnormal appearance of the breast. Patients with this complication will have to undergo a removal and replacement of the implant and change to a round implant. Some patients who undergo a breast augmentation desire a size change, whether larger or smaller, and may also require a breast lift to accompany the second surgery.

In some cases, patients experience problem’s with their breast tissue characteristics and may require a revision or reconstructive surgery. In a small number of women who undergo breast augmentation, capsular contracture is possible to occur. This happens when scar tissue forms around the implants, making it hard to touch and visibly deformed. In order to fix this problem patients must undergo a capsulotomy and/or capsulectomy depending on the professional judgement made by the surgeon. It is very common for women to suffer from breast asymmetry, however in some cases, the difference can be severe. Women who suffer from severe breast asymmetry require breast implants that are different sizes to best create an even, symmetrical appearance.

Breast reconstructive surgery is extremely complex and patient undergoing this type of procedure need to be treated very compassionately due to circumstances that have highly affected their quality of life. Not only does Dr. Golshani do many breast revision surgeries, he is also an expert in breast reconstructive surgery. He has extensive experience in post bariatric reconstruction including extremely difficult breast lifts, reductions, and asymmetry correction. For patients undergoing such a drastic change in their body, surgery is often required to correct the effect of severe obesity and fast weight loss. In addition, we regularly see patients wanting to undergo breast reconstructive after mastectomy. Recreating breast for women who have undergone a mastectomy is very difficult and requires exceptional skills and perfection in the art. There are different techniques for recreating breasts as well as the nipple and areola. When patients are seeking to undergo reconstruction after mastectomy, it is extremely important to consult a plastic and reconstructive surgeon with extensive training and knowledge in breast reconstructive surgery. Dr. Golshani attended the prestigious Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Residency Program at the University of California San Francisco, where he underwent intensive and exceptional training by world renowned experts. He is highly qualified and trained in both plastic and reconstructive surgery.

At Avosant Surgical Associates we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality and care to all of our patients. We thrive on helping all of our patients to regain a part of their self that was lost and to deliver the quality and results that each patient had envisioned. With our caring and sensitive staff and Dr. Golshani’s personable nature, thorough and exceptional skills, a great experience and outstanding results are always obtained.