How to Tighten Abdomen Without Use of Tummy Tuck

Pregnancy causes your abdominal muscles to stretch extensively, leading to something called myofascial laxity. Additionally, many women also develop diastasis, which refers to the gap between the two vertically oriented abdominal muscles – rectus abdominis.

Surgeons can recommend a variety of procedures to correct abdominal laxity, including an umbilical float modified tummy tuck, a mini tummy tuck, or even a full abdominoplasty, which can be performed with or without abdominal muscle repair or liposuction. While these procedures are effective, you should consider other ways of tightening your abdomen before rushing to plastic surgery.

Core Exercises

According to expert trainers, the abdominal muscles are the easiest to engage without using any equipment, because you can work them by doing something as simple as pulling your belly in and holding that position. Exercises that help with this include:

1. Cardiovascular Activity

Cardiovascular exercise is important for not only burning fat but also forming a leaner midsection. According to the CDS, healthy adults need a minimum of 2.5 hours of moderate cardio weekly to see good results.

These moderate activities include brisk walking, water aerobics, and riding a bike on ground level. As you get stronger, it is important that you increase calorie burning with more vigorous activity, like running (for only 1.25 hours a week).

2. Squat With Twist

You should also consider tightening the sides of your abdominais with this exercise. The squat and twist tones both the legs and sides of core muscles. According to “Fitness” magazine,

  • Assume a standing position
  • Lower your body into the squat position
  • Keep your weight on the heels, and don’t extend your knees beyond your toes, and then extend your arms in front of your body
  • Slowly twist to your left using your core muscles – keeping the midsection engaged
  • Return to starting position and repeat 8 times.

3. Try Pelvic Tilts

This is a great workout for your deep core muscles. To get started,

  • Lie on an exercise mat
  • Bend your knees slightly, keeping your arms to the side of your body
  • Contract the core muscles as you lift your pelvis off the ground
  • Hold for 5 seconds and release
  • Repeat 10 times per workout

4. Other Abdominal Exercises

This does not refer to the standard abs exercises like crunches or sit-ups that are mundane – though they also get results. You need some more practical and fun ways to tone your belly when doing regular activities. Consider exercises such as pelvic thrusts, lying leg raises, air bike, and bridge exercises, among others.

While exercises are a great way to shed fat, they cannot tighten your skin or solve diastasis. It can also be hard to target specific areas where you want to shed fat. So, when exercises have deemed unsatisfactory for your abdomen-tightening goals, it may be time to try out a tummy tuck.

Tummy Tuck Advantages to Keep in Mind…

Most often we mistake a tummy tuck as a weight loss tool, however, tummy tucks are used for more than just weight loss. Exercise in unable to tighten loose skin that may have resulted from a pregnancy, so no matter how much exercise you perform… the weight may come off, but the skin will still appear stretched. A tummy tuck can correct this. Problem spots where your body has decided to store fat often cannot be fully resolved through exercise and tummy tucks are a great way to correct this as well.

View What the Tummy Tuck Procedure Can Achieve!

How to Successfully Stick to Your New Year’s Resolution!

The New Year provides an ideal time for most people to start new projects, or at least to start working on changing some undesirable elements of the past year. Unfortunately, many New Year’s resolutions are in the form of long lists of demands that put you under pressure to deliver with a ticking clock. You get worn out soon after.

Sticking to your New Year goals is not necessarily a matter of self discipline. According to Joseph Shrand, M.D., and Harvard Medical School psychiatry instructor, the human brain is constantly trying to balance feelings of pleasure and restraint. Rational desires, such as self-restraint, reside in the front of the brain, which is the most recently evolved section of the brain, and most vulnerable to getting overruled by natural instincts.

Pleasure, on the other hand, lives in the most primitive part of the brain that has spent eternity learning to reward the person with a satisfying dose of dopamine when the urges overpower you.

How to Successfully Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions

So, how do you empower the rational section of your brain to triumph and stick to New Year resolutions?

1. Create a plan.

A plan is intended to keep you on track and focused on your primary goal. You are less likely to make impulse purchases when shopping with a grocery list than when trying to recall the items to buy from your memory. So, rather than simply making a decision to do something, note it down somewhere and constantly remind yourself to stay accountable.

2. Break down big goals into smaller goals.

Saving $1,000 more by the end of the year seems much harder compared to saving $90 per month. The same logic applies with long-term weight loss goals, or any other objective for that matter. However, breaking down a larger goal into more manageable segments makes it easier for you to focus and stay accountable.

3. Tackle one goal at a time.

While multi-tasking seems like a smart approach to get more work done within a shorter time, using this approach with your resolutions can derail the process. It takes effort to replace bad habits with healthy ones, so it is better that you focus on one goal at a time as you build momentum and a sense of self-actualization.

Lastly, it is important that you pre-commit to increase your chances of success. This means eliminating any threats and obstacles that may keep you from reaching your goals. For instance, choosing to work in a place with no internet connection, rather than trusting yourself to not use an available network eliminates the possibility of derailment.

What Happens After Dramatic Weight Loss?

Now that the New Year (2017) is here, many people will attempt to lose weight. It’s one of the most popular “New Year’s Resolutions”, but also happens to be equally one of the most failed New Year’s Resolutions. In any event, some people will stick to their guns & end up shedding off several pounds of unwanted fat.

However, not everyone benefits from diet & exercise … or perhaps they become too impatient. For some, it may be wiser to select a form of bariatric surgery such as gastric sleeve or gastric bypass surgery. For others, they may turn to Beverly Hills plastic surgeons, such as Dr. Golshani.

When You Should Consider Plastic Surgery After Dramatic Weight Loss

  • If you notice sagging skin in multiple areas including the face, neck, breasts, arms, abdomen, back & thighs.
  • If you have lost a dramatic amount of weight (dramatic would be considered 40% of your BMI or more) as a result of bariatric surgery, diet & exercise.
  • If your weight has stabilized following bariatric surgery (i.e. weight loss surgery), diet, or exercise, which may occur 18 months or more, following your weight loss.

Weighing the Pros & Cons

For many, a surgical option may not be in our best interest, however with amount of training, education & technology surgeons have available today most procedures are very comfortable & do not involve much pain or discomfort, as well as feature diminished post-op recovery times. Aside from this, there are considerations to be aware of.


  • Say goodbye to loose skin, enabling you to fit into your clothes much easier.
  • No more overhanging skin that may cause pain or discomfort for some due to chafing & rashes. Infections are also possible from overhanging skin.
  • Significantly enhance your self-esteem and feel much better about your body in general.


  • The results gained from surgery may not meet your expectations.
  • You may have permanent scarring that may be minimized through the use of advanced surgical techniques by an experienced plastic surgeon such as Dr. Golshani.
  • Your results may be affected by lifestyle choices, aging & diet choices.

Popular Procedures to Consider After Dramatic Weight Loss

Liposuction remains one of the most popular procedures to lose the unwanted sagging skin & overhanging skin, however other plastic or cosmetic procedures may benefit you greater and they are tummy tuck, breast lift, arm lift, thigh lift, breast reduction, or others. Your plastic surgeon will review all options with you in person to find out which ones are the best.

beverly hills liposuction Dr. Golshani offers liposuction in Beverly Hills for patients looking to smooth or tighten sagging skin that may have resulted from dramatic weight loss either from diet & exercise or from weight loss surgery. For more information please visit our website or you may call our office @ (310) 274-3481.

Will Pregnancy Harm Breast Implants?

There’s a lot to look forward to when it comes to pregnancies. Preparing a nursery, coordinating a baby shower and being surrounded by a beautiful pregnancy glow, these are just some of the positive things that happen during a pregnancy. At the same time, pregnancy can be an overwhelming process.

“Will My Pregnancy Affect My Breast Implants Results?”

One of them, which is the second scariest to many women is the changing of their bodies. For moms with beautiful breast implants, one of their main concerns is often, “Will my pregnancy affect my breast implants?”. It is a legitimate concern that Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Golshani, weighs in on:

“The actual physical breast implant itself will not be affected by pregnancy, however, your breasts may change as a result of the stretching and shrinking that occurs during pregnancy. The main issue to look for is sagging breasts after pregnancy and breastfeeding run its course. If this occurs, then future correction may be worth considering, such as a breast lift. Though, I have seen many women undergo pregnancy without their breasts changing shape. Others may have minimal change, but it’s not enough to undergo corrective surgery.”

Should You Worry?

No, worry will cause unnecessary anguish and stress which is not beneficial to your pregnancy. If you have not already received breast implants, then it would be important to consider whether or not this will be an issue after deciding to create a family.

For any other questions, it would be best to consult in person with an experienced board-certified professional who can help you make an informed decision on whether or not breast implants are right for you.

Smoothie Cleansing for Weight Loss – Dr. Golshani Approved

We’ll be strictly honest here, losing weight is infuriating – for many, it’s one of the biggest physical and mental roller coasters we’ve ever been on. We understand.

Plastic surgery is not always an option, and honestly should only be considered when other alternatives – such as what we’re about to suggest – have not provided sufficient results.

So what’s the big secret to losing weight? Well, it’s not so much a secret…


We’re sure you’ve heard of this before. Also known as “juicing” (or blending, but juicing is what we recommend). No, it’s not a special diet that you’ll have to stay committed to for months or years.

In fact, it’s only a 10-day commitment! That’s right, 10 days. Possible? Dr. Golshani believes so.

Detoxification is a necessary component of weight loss – however, it is not the only component.

Greens, Greens, Greens

The “10-day smoothie cleanse”, as it is referred to, focuses on green intake.


Arugula, Beet Greens, Bok Choy, Chard, Collard Greens, Dandelion Greens, Kale, Lettuce, Mustard Greens, Parsley, Spinach, and Turnip Greens.

These are where all of your essential vitamin and nutrients will come from, which all aid in detoxifying all of the toxins that are stored in your fat cells that have been built up over the years.

The 10-day cleanse is designed to turn your body into a fat-burning machine, that also results in healthier skin, a clearer mind, and a host of other daily benefits.

We’ve barely scratched the surface here, but if you’re truly interested in dropping stubborn belly fat, then you could read the full book written by J.J. Smith – fully endorsed by Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Golshani.

It contains day-by-day instructions on exactly what you should be juicing, as well as recommended juicers to invest in for the commitment.

If you’re not big on reading, not a problem because the book’s first 40 pages are all you need. And it’s an easy read. I wish you the best of luck!

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Debunks Anti-aging Skin Care Myths

Anti-aging is always a trending topic with the influx of anti-aging treatments, claims of new, must-have products, and skin-care advice from multiple random sources. But how much of what you hear is true and helpful?

Common Anti-aging Skin Care Myths – Debunked

Myth: Dry skin causes wrinkles.

Wrinkles are caused by collagen breakdown; not dry skin. Dry skin tends to make wrinkles more obvious. That said, hydrating your skin has no effect as to whether or not you will develop wrinkles.

Myth: Since my mother looks very young for her age, I will also not show signs of aging when I get older.

There are many factors that affect how you age, including genetics and lifestyle habits, though in different measures. So, compared to genetics, your lifestyle habits will affect how you age to a greater extent. If you smoke, don’t use sunscreen, and eat a poor diet, your genetics, no matter how good they are, will not help you look younger for longer.

Myth: Moisturizing helps prevent wrinkles.

Applying moisturizer regularly does not prevent wrinkles, though it helps your skin stay hydrated. It does not matter what ingredients are in the moisturizer. It simply has no effect on wrinkle prevention.

Myth: I don’t need sunscreen on cloudy days.

Your skin is exposed to UV radiation, including the UVA aging rays, every day irrespective of the amount of cloud cover or precipitation. Solar radiation is the primary cause of aging, and you should never go outside without applying sunscreen.

Myth: Smiles and frowns are the primary source of wrinkles.

This is not entirely false since wrinkles can occur when muscles are used to create facial expressions. That said, the biggest cause of wrinkles is the loss of volume in the face due to the natural breakdown of fat and collagen. Fortunately, this process can be counteracted through the application of topical treatments containing peptides that enhance the ability o the skin to produce its own collagen.

Myth: The more expensive a skin-care treatment, the more effective it is.

In many cases, it is not the actual science that makes a product expensive, but the packaging and possibly inclusion of perfume. Some people prefer to buy expensive skin-care products in department stores assuming that they work better, which is not necessarily true. It is better to go for tried-and-tested brands that spend more on research and development than packaging.

In Conclusion

You should always be careful of product advertisements that claim to make you look younger in days. Everyone wants to prevent and correct any signs of aging, but you cannot simply trust every advertisement, especially since they are not monitored by the FDA. Exercising your facial muscles is also counterproductive. Instead, avoid bad lifestyle habits that cause you to age faster, like excess consumption of alcohol and smoking. Also, increase your intake of foods that boost collagen production.

How to Minimize Post-Plastic Surgery Scarring

One of the biggest concerns for patients seeking cosmetic surgery is how to minimize the post-surgery scarring. Scarring is a natural process for the body to heal open wounds or cuts, characterized by the growth of new tissue and collagen that closes and seals the cut while cleaning out dead blood cells and skin in the form of a scab.

Minor infections are typically dealt with by the body’s immune system. During the early stages of healing, you may experience oozing of blood or clear liquid, which is a result of the body delivering a stream of white blood cells, protein, amino acids, and water to fight infection, rebuild the area, and keep it clean. When the oozing dries, it forms a scab that acts as a protective layer, and usually falls off when the wound has healed completely.Still, red or pink scar will be left behind, and start to fade to a flesh color with time.

The visibility of the scar depends on several factors including:

  • The size of the initial wound
  • The skin type, health, and age of the patient
  • How fast the wound heals
  • How well the wound is cared for while healing

While it is not possible to prevent scarring entirely, there are a few things you can do to aid in the fading process, minimize the appearance of scars, and ensure that the incisions heal cleanly and quickly.

Post Cosmetic Surgery Scarring Tips

1. Keep the incision site clean and protected.
Studies show that surgical wounds form layers across the point of incision within 48-72 hours. Until this layer forms, it is important that you keep the surgical dressing on, and dry. Afterwards, you can use clean water to gently rinse the area. Clean the wound daily, but avoid any rigorous cleaning as it may increase tension on the wound.

2. Keep the incision protected from the sun.
It is critical that you don’t expose your surgical incision to the sun for a minimum of one year after the surgery to prevent abnormal coloration (hyper-pigmentation) of the new tissue, which does not resemble the nearby skin. If you have to step into the sun, use sunscreen.

3. Massage the scar.
Research suggests that scar massage helps to address texture issues arising as the wound heals. Specifically, the mechanical forces loosen underlying scar tissue and increase circulation to the recovering tissues.

4. Avoid using creams or other topical products.
Many doctors are hesitant to recommend over-the-counter creams because there are insufficient studies into their effectiveness. That said, your doctor may recommend some ointments to use on the treated area, or silicone sheeting if you are resistant against keloid scars or hypertropic scarring.

5. Finally, watch out for complications.
If you discover something unusual, like severe pain around the incision, the site turns red and puffy, or a fever beyond 100.4 degrees, contact your plastic surgeon immediately.

Have You Ever Considered Laser Hair Removal?

Traditional hair removal processes, such as waxing, shaving, and tweezing are effective but time-consuming. They don’t deliver a long-term solution for hair removal, plus they often result in nicks, bumps, and ingrown hairs.

Fortunately, technological advancements led to the invention of an innovative hair removal system that not only offered a long-term solution to hair reduction, but also eliminated those irritating little problems. Laser hair removal has been around for over ten years, and is one of the fastest growing systems for removing unwanted hair.

The allure of laser hair removal can be attributed to its convenience, effectiveness, and efficiency. It is a gentle way to permanently reduce unwanted hair from nearly any area of your body. So, how is it done?

The Laser Hair Removal Procedure – What To Expect

Laser hair removal is most ideal when your hair is in the growth stage. But a few days before the treatment, or on the morning of the procedure, the areas to be treated should be shaved. On the actual day of the procedure, you can expect the following:

  • Adjustment of the laser equipment according to the color, thickness, and position of the hair being treated. Your skin color is also taken into consideration.
  • Depending on the light source used, you and your technician may be required to wear eye protection.
  • In some cases, a cold gel or special cooling device may be applied on your skin to protect the outer layers and keep the laser light from penetrating your skin.
  • The technician will then illuminate a pulse of light to the treatment section and observe the area for a few minutes to establish that optimum settings were used, while checking for adverse reactions.

When the treatment is complete, you may be given anti-inflammatory creams or lotions, ice packs, or cold water to ease any discomfort.

Since hair grows in cycles, the procedure should be done in a series of 4-6 sessions, so you can schedule your next appointment 4-5 weeks later.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

There are numerous advantages of choosing laser hair removal over traditional techniques, including:

  • Application on virtually any body area: the technique can be used for facial hair removal, particularly in the chin, upper lip, and eyebrow, as well as other body parts like the chest, back, underarms, arms, back, legs, and bikini, genital, and pubic area.
  • Precision: lasers can be used to selectively target dark, coarse hairs, leaving the surrounding skin undamaged.
  • Speed: each laser pulse takes a split second to treat many hairs simultaneously, so the technique can treat an area the size of a quarter every second. Small facial areas can be treated in under a minute, while larger areas, like the chest may take around one hour.
  • Permanent reduction in unwanted hair, allowing you to enjoy smooth, soft skin immediately after the treatment.

While laser hair removal procedures may seem costly at first, it will save you money in the long run. You won’t have to make endless purchases of razors, depilatory creams, shaving cream, or even have to schedule waxing appointments; hence, the efficiency, effectiveness, and convenience.

Beverly hills laser hair removalDr. Golshani offers laser hair removal treatment in Beverly Hills through his medi-spa laser clinic. He also offers BOTOX®, other dermal fillers, and skin care products for smooth, wrinkle-free skin. Ask us about our medi-spa clinic @ (310) 274-3481.

Ariel Winter on Breast Reduction: “I’ve Been Struggling for Many Years”

Ariel Winter, a popular young actress known for her role on Modern Family highlights the emotional pain that many other women feel as a result of their large breasts. And the worst part is it’s something they initially had zero control over. She opened up about her surgery on a blog featured on Glamour News.

“I remember being in my sister’s wedding and being so flat and thinking, ‘I just wish I would grow boobs!’ and then overnight I did. But then they kept growing and growing and growing and it didn’t seem like they were going to stop. It’s hard enough being a teenager in life, but being on one of the most popular and critically acclaimed sitcoms drew heightened interest. I was 15 years old with [size] F [breasts],”

Reason for Breast Reduction: Physically & Emotionally Draining

Large breasts can take a monumental toll on one’s self-confidence and esteem. This is not uncommon for women who bear large breasts. Ariel mentions the difficulty of finding bras and clothes that she felt comfortable in. She also noted that her breasts would cause her enough pain to the point where she would have to stay hunched over on set just to cope.

She couldn’t take it anymore.

She underwent breast reduction surgery on June 4th, 2015 from a size 32F to a size 34D. She acknowledges the physical differences that the media will publicize, but it’s the emotional aspect that she was most concerned of. She truly feels like a new person as a result of the procedure.

Large breasts are commonly known for:

  • Back, neck, and shoulder pains that range in severity
  • Poor posture
  • Cuts and rashes around the breasts
  • Deep grooves in the shoulders
  • Shortness of breath issues
  • Emotional pain from a variety of sources (i.e. unwanted stares)
  • Interfere with physical activities and/or sports

Breast reduction is the answer.

The full question & answer interview can be featured here.

beverly hills breast reduction Dr. Golshani is a board-certified breast reduction surgeon in Beverly Hills. He has performed many procedures that have resulted in life-changing results. He is known for his precise attention to detail and expert techniques that result in minimal scarring and reduced recovery times. View his breast reduction before and after photos.

Beating the Holiday Weight Gain | Dr. Golshani’s Advice

Just when you start seeing results for your weight control results, boom! – It’s another holiday with plenty of feasting. From holiday gatherings to banquets and office parties, and all the festive cooking in between, for most, it is nearly impossible to not register a 5-pound weight gain.

Now that the 4th of July is over, that is one more holiday behind you. Summer is officially here, and there is no better time to restart. No matter how hard you think you exercise, or how much you watch your portions, there is always room to improve. A few adjustments and extra activities will help you beat the holiday weight gain. Here are some of Dr. Golshani’s personal suggestions:

1. Make every moment count

Instead of remaining seated at a party all night as you overindulge in food and drinks, consider getting up and moving by dancing the night away. Being active will not only break the ice at the party, but also burn some calories.

Also, consider engaging in some general cleaning after the holidays. Sweeping, scrubbing, mopping, and other house chores will help you burn the calories you took in and you’ll feel good about yourself.

2. Counterbalance

You should know your pre-holiday and post-holiday tendencies. For instance, if you eat a fairly heavy diet and exercise 3x a week, consider that the threshold for the holiday season as well. This basically means that you can enjoy yourself as much as you’d like, but you must counterbalance the extra caloric intake with an extra workout for the week.

For example, if you attend two dinner parties the same week, you should add the equivalent of two workouts to your weekly workout routine.

Dr. Golshani offers a personalized, comprehensive weight loss program in Beverly Hills.

3. Slow down the way you eat

Aim to chew your food a little more before swallowing. This way, you can take in the tastes, textures, and scents in the food, making your experience more satisfying.

At the same time, you will have the time to contemplate what you are eating, including the amount of carbohydrates and calories in your food, which will keep you from overindulging.

4. Choose protein

Fill your plate with more protein than carbohydrates and fats. Proteins are associated with greater satiety (feeling full faster), which can help to maintain a healthy weight. Make sure you are selecting lean protein sources such as poultry, fish (i.e. salmon and cod), beans, and nuts.

Besides watching what you eat, you should also watch your liquid calorie intake. Far often people subconsciously cast liquids as non-caloric. One beer can have as much as 100 calories or more. Too much caffeine or alcohol can not only increase your calorie intake, but also dramatically interfere with your sleep patterns.

5. Find an accountability buddy

If chances are that you won’t be able to control yourself, it is better to get someone to look over your shoulder and help you stay on track. A family member or friend with similar health and fitness goals, and is committed to staying healthy during the holidays, can be a great accountability buddy. In fact, you should support and encourage each other throughout the holiday season.

weight loss beverly hillsReally struggling to lose weight? Receive help from a Board-Certified Surgeon. Dr. Golshani offers a personalized, comprehensive weight loss program in Beverly Hills that addresses weight issues issues including nutrient deficiencies, sugar-addiction, poor digestion, gluten intolerance, intestinal yeast overgrowth, food allergies, and more.