Common Myths Surrounding Liposuction

Liposuction is a popular procedure of removing excess fat from various body areas. Despite the prevalence of liposuction, there are a number of myths surrounding this type of plastic surgery.

Myth 1: Liposuction is a women’s procedure

This opinion is totally wrong. Liposuction doesn’t have a gender; this procedure can help both women and men to get rid of some bulges and bumps, which can’t be treated any other way.

Myth 2: Liposuction is meant for dramatic weight reduction

This is another popular myth. In reality, liposuction is created for people who are close to their ideal weight and who can’t get rid of some problematic zones through diets and exercise. Five to fifteen excessive pounds are a great weight loss range for this procedure.

Myth 3: Liposuction is able to remove all of my cellulite

There is only a part of truth in this myth. Liposuction can help decrease the appearance of cellulite but it will never be able to remove it. It is important to remember that the main cause of cellulite is not excessive weight and that is why reduction of some fat areas will not be able to fight over cellulite.

Myth 4: Liposuction will remove excessive fat problems forever

Liposuction is a treatment but not a miracle. Unfortunately, liposuction is not able to keep you in the same shape forever. In order to prevent your problem zones from returning you need to practice a healthy lifestyle consisting of a balanced nutritional diet and exercise.

Myth 5: Liposuction is followed by a long rehabilitation

It was true in the past but, nowadays, new technologies allow the liposuction procedure to provide an incredibly fast recovery. In most cases, patients are able to return to work in 2 – 3 days.