How to Fix Tuberous (or Tubular) Breasts?

Both females and males that have underdeveloped breasts due to a variety of reasons may suffer from a condition known as tubular breasts. The end result is breasts that do not have the same volume and fullness as fully developed breasts.

Patients that suffer from tuberous breasts, otherwise known as tubular breasts, often experience extreme emotional anguish, feeling embarrassed or self-conscious towards the situation – sometimes interfering with relationships as well.

Underdeveloped breasts have features such as small and narrowed breasts with enlarged, pointed nipples and large, puffy areolas. Breast asymmetry is often also associated with tubular breasts. Tubular breasts are also referred to as tuberous breasts, snoopy breasts, or hypoplastic breasts. A popular question patients have is: how do I fix my tubular breasts?

Breast Lift Surgeon Addresses the Concern

Dr. Golshani addresses this question that was asked on where you can find many other answers related to similar concerns regarding cosmetic procedures.

He notes: “Tuberous breasts can be corrected by breast augmentation with or without a circum-areolar breast lift otherwise known as a Benelli mastopexy. Whether the second portion of the operation is required depends on the degree of tuberosity of each breast, the degree of droopiness of the breasts, and the size of the areola.”

Have You Seen a Board Certified Surgeon?

Patients do report feeling pretty happy with themselves after fixing their tubular breasts!

Finding out exactly what procedure you should consider from various sources online should not dictate what you should decide on. A thorough examination by any board certified plastic surgeon, specifically a breast lift surgeon, would give you information that is accurate and insightful into your problem.

You would be able to receive information such as cost, how severe the “tuberosity” is in your breasts, how long your particular procedure would take, and of course – whether or not you would actually benefit from the procedure. This type of information is only obtainable by sitting down and consulting with an experienced professional. What may be the best way to fix your tubular breasts may not be the best way to fix someone else’s.

Many patients that have had the procedure often see a large boost to their self-confidence, allowing them to be much happier with themselves and with others.