Is There a Minimum Age for Breast Reduction?

Are you a good candidate? Find out.

Patients that are young often scrutinize their bodies, looking for abnormalities. The minute they see something that appears to be “off” is when they begin trying to figure out exactly what is wrong and how it can be fixed.

On other the hand, those who are growing older in age begin to see changes to their body that they are unhappy with or causing them unbearable pain, often times wondering if they are able to correct it given their age. These patients often ask: am I too young or old? Is there even a minimum or maximum age for breast reduction

For the Young Seeking Breast Reduction

No, there is no minimum age for breast reduction. Minors may undergo a breast reduction with approval from their parents. Age is not necessarily a large issue, but typically it’s best to wait until you are bit older – giving you time to understand your body and because your body is still in its development stage.

However, an alarming issue is that arises is that breasts may continue to grow after the procedure is performed, which would require another breast reduction. This is why it’s best to wait until a doctor believes your breasts have been fully developed. It depends on each individual, but typically women are fully developed by the age of 18, but may still have their breasts growing into their twenties.

The main concern here is: are you experiencing extreme pain with your breasts? If you are, then a breast reduction would be highly recommended. A reasonable candidate for surgery is a woman who is fully developed and mature enough to fully understand the procedure and its tradeoffs.

For the Old Seeking Breast Reduction

No, there is no maximum age for breast reduction surgery. The main cause of concern with older patients is whether or not the patient’s body is healthy enough to support a breast reduction procedure. Typically, as long as a patient is in good health, then a surgeon will agree to perform the procedure. Your surgeon or primary care physician will determine if you are in “good health” for the procedure.

Consult with a Board-Certified Professional

No matter how much information you manage to find online or through other sources such as family and friends, if your large breasts are truly a concern for you, then you should always seek out a professional’s opinion. They will be able to provide you with an insightful answer that’s based on a thorough in-person evaluation, as well as inform you of any complications or risks that may arise.