What Plastic Surgery Trends Are “Millennials” Going For?

There seems to be a lot of talk about the “Millennial Generation” lately as they are the ones most likely to share their stories on social media platforms such as Instagram & Facebook.

What’s the “Millennial Generation” Considered?

Before we reveal the 4 most sought after procedures Millennials are turning to plastic surgeons for, let’s first establish what a “Millennial” is. Most sources seem to confirm that the “Millennial Generation” involves both men and women who were born between years 1980 – 2000 and are aged anywhere from 18 years old – 35 years old currently.

Plastic Surgery Trends for Millennials

1. Breast Implants/Augmentation

Breast implants remain
the most popular plastic surgery procedure that Millennials turn to in order to enhance the shape and size of their breasts. One of the main reasons why this procedure is very popular now is because of the evolution of the breast
implant itself & the techniques used to implant them. Today, board-certified surgeons such as Dr. Golshani are able to provide women subtle, natural-looking breasts that were not possible when they were first introduced.

2. Rhinoplasty (i.e. Nose Job)

The nose is a very delicate structure that Millennials are turning to plastic surgeons in order to correct bumps or other deformities that we perceive as unattractive. The term “selfie” has given rise to the popularity of this
procedure as “selfies” directly involve facial shots where the nose is prominent. Rhinoplasty, or nose jobs, successfully corrects the nose for a more attractive, symmetrical appearance.

3. Mommy Makeover

Many Millennial mothers are turning to solutions that help them restore their bodies pre-pregnancy after exercise & diet have not fulfilled their expectations. However, it has been found that Millennial mothers want to look & feel their absolute best & mommy makeovers are a great way to receive a bundle of procedures that will rejuvenate your body.

4. Liposuction (popular in the Spring!)

The Millennials comprise a very large amount of Liposuction cases, which is steadily growing throughout the years. The rise in obesity plays a large factor in weight loss substitutes such as tummy tucks or liposuction to remove bothersome fat, or problem areas, that refuse to go away through exercise & diet modifications. Spring is a popular time because both men & women begin thinking about their “beach body” that they will like to have ready by summertime where social media posts are very high.

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