Can You Remove Saline From Breast Implants to Reduce Size?

Many women undergo breast augmentation surgery because they want breasts that are more aesthetically pleasing by adding more volume and symmetry. It is not uncommon for a woman to receive a set of breast implants and then realize they actually want larger breasts, prompting them to seek out their plastic surgeon. Adding saline to breast implants is very possible, but can you remove saline from a breast implant if you decide the breasts you wanted are too large for your preferences?

Yes, Plastic Surgeons Can Remove Saline From Breast Implants

Reducing the size of breast implants by removing saline is also possible. However, it is not a desirable option depending on how long it has been since your operation.

Dr. Golshani, a Los Angeles breast revision surgeon, responded to a concerned user on who had an operation performed 6 months ago from the time she asked her question of removing saline from an implant. Her concern was that one of her implants had appeared larger than the other, prompting her to seek treatment.

Dr. Golshani’s response: “Six months is the usual minimum waiting period required before going back for a revision. Although this must be assessed based on the patient’s physical examination. Removing saline from an implant may damage the port at the time of tubing insertion into the hub, but this is a rare event. Nevertheless, it should be discussed before surgery. Also, under-filling and over-filling of an implant beyond required volumes must be considered and discussed. under-filling increases leak rate later on and can also present with rippling on later physical examination. Overfilling can also increase leak rate and an unnatural look.”

The Best Answers Are Given In-Person

Seeking answers online can be one way to gain insight into your problem, but ultimately questions of this matter should be expressed in person to a board certified surgeon who can evaluate your breast implants without having to take guesses from what can be seen in pictures. It is too hard to receive trustworthy advice online or from friends and family who are not professionals.

Dr. Golshani loves to answer his patients’ concerns, whether in person or online at, but ultimately knows that the best advice he can give is to make an appointment with the plastic surgeon who performed the surgery and consult with them on what steps should be taken next.