How to Guarantee a Safe Cosmetic Procedure

Some minor cosmetic procedures, such as dermal fillers and Botox injections, don’t involve surgery, but this does not necessarily remove all risk. Studies show that these procedures are very safe when performed by trained and qualified professionals. Before signing up for a cosmetic procedure, make sure you have done all of your research. Below is a checklist you can follow to help you organize the important aspects.

Safety Checklist

First and foremost: It is important that you use a reputable, board-certified surgeon with the proper credentials and experience.

Such checks are particularly important because of the rapidly growing market for injectable cosmetics, which has created opportunities for bad practice. People should try to be safe when choosing a practitioner to ensure that they are in the best hands possible, and can look forward confidently to receiving a positive outcome.

Some of the things to check about the provider include:

Title – some providers use unrecognizable or unusual titles, such as ‘Advanced Aesthetics Therapist/Practitioner’ to attract and deceive consumers. When checking the qualifications of a cosmetic provider, make sure that the person performing the procedure uses the actual title of a doctor, registered nurse, or dentist.

Qualifications – only regulated practitioners – doctors, registered nurses, and dentists, are well qualified to offer injectable cosmetic solutions.

Training – providers need proper training to provide cosmetic treatments, such as how to deal with adverse reactions, allergic reactions, and emergencies. Board certification is an excellent way to denote whether or not a plastic surgeon is fit for the job.

Location – to avoid infection or permanent physical damage, in severe cases, treatments should only be carried out in a safe, clean, and appropriate clinical facility. Many surgeons offer a complimentary consultation which allows you to scope out their facility and ask questions.

Lastly, you should research your procedure. A lot of information can be gathered about certain procedures and first hand-experiences from – a community devoted to plastic surgery experiences as a whole. Many surgeons offer their opinions on the questions this platform’s users provide. It is worth looking in to.

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