A Safer, Better Breast Implant: Sientra Implants

sientra breast implant surgeonPicture your breasts feeling firmer, fuller, or perky. Millions of women opt for breast enhancement for a variety of reasons, including filling out their clothes, boosting their self-esteem, or making their physique more proportionate. You probably have a vision of how you want to look after the procedure, and have already discussed the topic with your family and close friends. That is a great start.

But for a truly successful experience, it is best that you conduct some research and familiarize yourself with the entire process, so you know what to expect. Your Sientra breast implant surgeon will be your most important resource.

The Sientra Breast Implant Difference

It takes a skilled and experienced cosmetic surgeon to create the perfect look, but only your implant can create the right feel. Sientra offers both round and teardrop (shaped) implant options, which utilize a proprietary gel fill technology, high-strength cohesive (HSC) Silicone Gel, with a formulation that is unique to each implant shape – all approved by the FDA.

Silicone gel breast implants are sacs or implant shells made of silicone elastomer (rubber) that are filled with clear silicone gel so they resemble the human breast in weight, shape, and feel.

How Safe is Silicone?

The silicone used in breast implants is made from silicon, which a naturally occurring element, extracted from the silica found in rock and sand. Studies have proven that silicone is one of the best materials that can be used in medical devices owing to its high degree of biocompatibility.

Among the medical devices that use silicon today are implants, catheters, the sheath of probes and pacemakers, and medical products like contact lenses, bandages and dressing, medical lubricant for syringes, and gastrointestinal medications, among others.

Unique Feature – Easy to Track

Every implant is unique to the client, and Sientra stamps each implant with a distinct serial number. So, after your surgery, your surgeon will give you a Device Tracking and Sientra Warranty card listing the serial number of your implant. The card will be used to confirm your enrollment in the Device Tracking Program in the warranty and replacement programs offered by Sientra, and you can use it to identify yourself to doctors and other healthcare providers when receiving treatment to avoid complications. (Federal regulations require that Sientra track its Silicone Gel Breast Implants)

Lifetime Warranty

To give you piece of mind, Sientra offers lifetime product replacement if your implant ruptures, provided your breast augmentation procedure was done by a board certified plastic surgeon, and in accordance to the Sientra breast implant directions for use. Dr. Golshani is double-board certified so the warranty will apply.

There is also a limited warranty of up to $3600 toward surgery if the need arises due to rupture within 10 years after the breast implant surgery, as well as free contra-lateral implant if need be.

Interested in Sientra Breast Implants?

dr golshani realselfDr. Golshani performs breast augmentation using Sientra breast implants at his Beverly Hills plastic surgery practice. As a double-board certified breast augmentation surgeon, he is well equipped with the safety and knowledge to deliver the results you want. He currently offers FREE breast augmentation consultations so if you’re curious to learn more about Sientra breast implants, then please call his office @ (310) 274-3481.