Should I Have Breast Reduction Surgery?

The first question that patients interested in breast reduction ask is, “Am I a good candidate for surgery”? To answer this question, I ask that all patients consider the following:

  • Have they always felt that their breasts are too large for their body?
  • Do they feel like their breasts are too heavy?
  • Do they feel like their nipples point downward?
  • Are their breasts symmetric or is 1 breast larger than the other?
  • Do they have back, neck, or shoulder pain?
  • Are there certain activities that they avoid because of the size and weight of their breasts?

All of my patients who are good candidates for breast reduction clearly answer “Yes” to most of the questions listed above. The first step in fulfiling their goal of feeling more comfortable and self-confident about their breast size, is to schedule a consultation. During the consultation, I ask about each patient’s desired breast size as well as whether they have other concerns about their breasts that they would like addressed. The preliminary consultation is essential because it enables me to understand the expectations of my patients so that we can establish real goals and begin to plan out an ideal surgical experience so that those goals are effectively reached. Patients who undergo breast reduction consistently state that it changes their lives and gives them physical freedom and comfort that they gladly welcome.