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Have you heard of a Brazilian butt lift? This popular procedure has made headlines in the past few years after several celebrities attributed their round, flattering, butt shape to this procedure. A round, firm buttuck shape is not necessarily something you will get from genetics or exercise. Instead, this body enhancement is a popular Plastic Surgery request.

How Brazilian Liposculpture Works

A Brazilian buttock lift uses liposuction to transfer fat from your abdomen, thighs, or other areas to your buttocks to make them look fuller, toned, and rounded. Like natural fat transfer for breast augmentation, this procedure gives you the double benefit of slimming one area, while you plump another area.

After Brazilian Liposculpture

After a Brazilian Liposculpture procedure, you’ll want to make sure you carefully follow all of Dr. Golshani’s recovery instructions. For example, you will not be able to sit flat on your butt during your recovery process. It’s important to allow the new fat in your buttocks to have a chance to take shape without being flattened.

Results of Brazilian Liposculpture

After a Brazilian buttock lift, patients report that they love wearing tight-fitting jeans, and are much more confident in a bathing suit. If you worry that your butt is sagging or droopy, a Brazilian butt lift may be a good treatment option for you. As hard as you may work at the gym, no amount of exercise can combat some of the natural body shape changes that come with aging. That’s where Plastic Surgery comes in: to allow you to reach your body-shape goals that may otherwise seem impossible.

The best way to find out if a Brazilian butt lift is a good choice for you, is to call Dr. Golshani today to set up a consultation.

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