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Breast Reconstruction in Bevelry Hills can be for a woman who has lost a breast due to cancer or other condition, Breast Reconstruction can also be a physically and emotionally rewarding experience. Your self-image, self-confidence and quality of life can be improved with the creation of a new breast.

Most often, but not always, Breast Reconstruction involves a series of procedures that occur over a period of time. The initial reconstructive operation is usually the most complicated. Follow- up surgery may be required to replace a tissue expander with an implant or to reconstruct the nipple and areola. Many surgeons may also recommend an additional operation to enlarge, reduce or lift the natural breast so that it matches the reconstructed breast. Options available include reconstruction with an implant or "autologous" reconstruction with "flaps" generated from the patient's own tissue.

Typically, a patient's reconstructed breast may feel firmer and look rounder or flatter than their natural breast. The reconstructed breast may not have the same contour as it did prior to the mastectomy, but these differences will be apparent mostly to the patient. For most mastectomy patients, Breast Reconstruction dramatically improves their appearance, self-confidence and quality of life following surgery.

The Reconstructive Decision-Making Tree

When a decision for mastectomy is made with the diagnosis of cancer or for preventive measures, a board certified plastic surgeon such as Daniel Golshani, M.D. should be consulted to discuss options for breast reconstruction in Beverly Hills well before the date of the mastectomy. Important questions to answer are whether immediate reconstruction should be considered or whether reconstruction should be delayed to a later time following the date of the mastectomy. Factors influencing this decision include surgical options, the need for post-operative radiation therapy and/or chemotherapy, patients' general health, and each patient's individual desires.

General options available for reconstruction include the following:

  • Skin Expansion This is the most common technique employed in breast reconstructive surgery and involves tissue expansion with placement of implants at a later time. This procedure combines skin expansion and subsequent insertion of an implant.
  • Flap Reconstruction An alternative approach to implant reconstruction involves creation of a skin and muscle flap using tissue taken from the patient's back, abdomen, or buttocks. There are different kinds of flap surgery.

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