A Breast Surgery Consultation is the First Step

When you decide that you have learned all you can from reading about breast surgeries online, the next step is to have a consultation with a true expert: a board-certified plastic surgeon. It’s natural to be nervous about your consultation, so we’d like to help you understand what your consultation with Dr. Golshani will be like.

Your Breast Surgery Consultation

During this private consultation, Dr. Golshani will explain how surgery to alter or enhance your breasts can improve your body shape, return your breasts to a pre-pregnancy look, or alleviate discomfort or pain that you have because of large breasts. Dr. Golshani's consultations are designed to educate you about breast surgery and help you make an empowered decision. You and Dr. Golshani will talk about your hopes for surgery, what options you have, the results you can expect from surgery, important information about potential risks or complications, and what Dr. Golshani recommends as the best approach for you, personally.

Physical Exam for Breast Surgery

Consultations also include a physical examination of your breasts, including the shape, size, nipple position, current breast conditions, signs of skin problems, posture abnormalities and other symptoms. If you are having a breast reduction, measurements will be taken of how much estimated weight to remove from each breast, and photographs of your chest and shoulders may be taken. These pieces of information can help with your approval of insurance coverage for a breast reduction operation.

Your Medical History

To make your first visit with Dr. Golshani as comprehensive and informative as possible, you will be asked for your complete medical history including all current medications, allergies, past surgeries and hospitalizations, family medical history, current health conditions (i.e. high blood pressure, infections, diabetes, psychological problems etc.). If your medical history is extensive, you may want to write everything down prior to your initial consultation. In addition, in order for Dr. Golshani to have a complete picture of your specific situation, you will be asked for your family history of breast problems and your height, weight and correct bra size.

A True Conversation

It is important to remember that this is your opportunity to describe the troublesome problems you are having and your hopes for your improved body shape. Make sure you share your goals and concerns including the size and shape you may have in mind and even religious, ethnic or cultural concerns. If you are concerned with forgetting to ask your questions, come prepared with a list of them so you can listen carefully without having to worry about overlooking anything. By the end of the appointment, you should have a good sense of Dr. Golshani’s ability to help you. This is your decision to make and will never pressure you to undergo breast surgery. Let us be your guide, answer your questions and provide you with all the information you need so you feel comfortable and excited about this treatment option.

Relationship with your Surgeon

The relationship between you and your surgeon is very important. Yes, your plastic surgeon’s credentials, experience and surgical skills and your own preparation are key factors in determining the success of your breast surgery, but so is this relationship. During your initial consultation with Dr. Daniel Golshani, you should feel free to open up and ask questions and voice any concerns that you or even your family may have. Remember, you get to choose your surgeon, so why not choose one who is understanding, empathetic and honest? We want to make sure that you feel comfortable with us and that you trust us. We think it’s important that you get to know our entire staff as much as it’s important for us to get to know you. We’re here to listen, and help to make your breast surgery experience as pleasant and smooth as possible.

Virtual Consultations for Out of Town Patients

Many of our breast surgery patients have flown in from all over the world to have surgery with Dr. Golshani. If you are interested in surgery but cannot fly in for the consultation, we can help. Please give us a call and we will assist you in setting up a "virtual" pre-consultation work-up which includes a review of your medical history and any “before” photos you can send or email to us.

For patients who decide to travel from out-of-town to see us, we will make every effort to accommodate you and make your experience as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

Have Questions?

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