Beverly Hills Buttock Augmentation

Buttock Contouring Procedures In Beverly Hills

Buttock enhancement are more than just augmentation. While larger buttocks are a popular request, Dr. Golshani also performs many operations to create larger, smaller, or a more lifted buttock. He offers a range of surgical solutions to help you reach your body-shape goals.

Butt Augmentation in Beverly Hills

Many people are unhappy with the size and shape of their butt. Even with exercise and good habits, it can be hard to create a shapely buttock that looks right with your figure. A butt augmentation can be a solution to this problem. In Beverly Hills, the best choice for butt augmentation is Dr.Daniel Golshani.

What is a Butt Augmentation?

Buttock augmentation is also called gluteal augmentation. With a butt augmentation, you can improve the size, contour, and shape of your buttocks. Augmentation can be done by using implants or fat grafting from another area of your body.

Why Get a Butt Augmentation?

It's common to be self-conscious about the appearance of your butt. You might feel that it's too flat or simply doesn't fit with the rest of your body. Butt Augmentation can help with that. Benefits include:

  • Increased roundness and fullness in your buttocks
  • A buttock that is in balance with your figure
  • More confidence in the appearance of your body

Butt Augmentation Candidates

Butt augmentation can help people who are unhappy with the size and shape of their buttocks. If you feel that your but is too small, lacks roundness, isn't symmetrical, or simply has a shape you don't like, butt augmentation might be for you. Typical candidates for butt augmentation should also be:

  • In good health
  • A nonsmoker
  • Someone with a positive outlook
  • Someone who is committed to fitness and a healthy lifestyle

Different Types of Butt Augmentation

There are two primary options for a butt augmentation, butt lifts, and butt implants. You can read more about each below.

Butt Lift

A butt lift removes sagging skin and fat from your buttock to create a more shapely, toned, and youthful appearance. This procedure won't make your butt larger. It is often done alongside a full body lift for an overall slender and firm appearance

Butt Implants

Butt implants make your butt larger. A plastic surgeon can use fat from other parts of your body, called grafting, or artificial silicone implants to create your new shape.

Which Type of Augmentation Should I Get?

Dr. Golshani can help you figure out the right type of augmentation for you. In some cases, both procedures are done together to create the patients' ideal butt shape. The right procedure depends on a number of factors include:

  • The current size and shape of your butt
  • Your goals
  • Your fitness and actively level
  • Skin elasticity
  • The amount of extra skin you have
  • The amount of fat available for grafting on your body

Buttock Augmentation Surgery

Preparing for the buttock procedure will require a number of things. See the requirements below

Before Butt Augmentation

Dr. Golshani will need to review any current medications you currently take to see if any need to be stopped leading up to your surgery. Additionally, you'll need to:

  • Stop smoking
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Avoid medications that can cause increased bleeding
  • Arranging a ride for the day of your surgery
  • The amount of extra skin you have
  • Make sure you have some to stay with you after your butt augmentation

Butt Augmentation: The Surgical Procedure

Your procedure will depend on the type of butt augmentation you'll be having. No matter which type you're having, the first step will be anesthesia to make you comfortable during your surgery. If you're having implants done with fat from another place in your body, you'll have liposuction after that to create the implants. The fat will then be injected into your buttock using specialized needles. Steps in other procedure types are described below.

Silicone Butt Implants Procedure

Once you're in the operating room, your butt implant will begin. Dr. Golshani will make an incision. The location of the incision depends on your specific goals and will be discussed during your consultation. The implants will be placed through the incision. Once the implants have been placed and the desired shape has been created, your incision will be closed.

Butt Lift Procedure

Dr. Golshani will need to make several incisions for a butt lift. Incisions will be placed in areas normally covered by clothing to reduce scar visibility. The incisions will allow the doctor to remove excess skin and fat from your butt. Once the desired shape and size have been created, your incision will be closed.

Buttock Augmentation Recovery

After your procedure, you'll receive instructions to help you manage your recovery. Your buttocks will be bandaged and you might have a small tube placed to drain blood and fluid. During recovery you'll need to:

  • Where a support garment to help hold the shape of your new buttock
  • Take care of your surgical site and drain to avoid infection
  • Take all medications prescribed to you
  • Avoid sitting for at least two weeks
  • Sleep face down or on your side
  • Use a pillow under your butt any time you do sit to avoid pressure
  • li>Come to all follow-up appointments

Dr. Golshani will let you know how long you need to wear the supportive garment.

Non-Surgical Butt Augmentation

Surgery isn't the only way to change the appearance of your butt. Dr. Golshani's full service medical spa also offers non-surgical treatments, such as injectables, that can create excellent results. With no surgery risks, no recovery time, and instant results, non-surgical procedures can be a great way to augment your buttock.

Dr. Golshani’s Experience With Butt Augmentation

Dr. Golshani is an award-winning, board-certified plastic surgeon who has performed thousands of butt implants and butt lifts. He can create a shape for your buttock that is aesthetically pleasing, reaches your goals, and looks natural on your body. A butt augmentation with Dr. Golshani can be a life-changing decision that improves not only your confidence and appearance, but your overall health and energy as well.

Where to Find a Buttock Augmentation Surgeon in Beverly Hills

Patients in Beverly Hill and throughout southern California can count on internationally recognized plastic surgeon Dr. Golshani for a butt augmentation that will look beautiful and healthy. With his friendly approachable nature and expertise combined, Dr. Golshani is the perfect plastic surgeon for a buttock augmentation in Beverly Hills.

About Dr. Golshani's Beverly Hills Buttock Procedures

Dr. Daniel Golshani has performed thousands of buttock procedures. In many cases, he gives women a buttock that they feel better to fit their frame. These women say they are not only more comfortable with their bodies but are able to be more physically active and involved in their families’ lives.

The best way to discuss your goals is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Daniel Golshani. He will meet with you for a comprehensive, honest assessment about what results you can expect from your breast surgery.

Butt Augmentation FAQ

How much does a butt augmentation cost?

The cost of a butt augmentation will depend on the procedure you get and other factors. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reports that the average cost of a butt lift is $4,960. Silicone butt implants cost an average of $5,004 and butt implants created from your own fat are $4,277 on average

Can I sit after a butt augmentation?

You'll need to avoid sitting for long periods for at least two weeks after butt augmentation.

Is a butt augmentation dangerous?

A butt augmentation is a generally safe procedure, but all surgeries have risks. Dr. Golshani will explain the risks of your specific procedure to you. General risks include bleeding, infection, numbness, pain, bleeding, fluid accumulation, a poor reaction to anesthesia, scarring, skin discoloration, deep vein thrombosis, and poor results.

How does butt augmentation work?

A fuller butt can be created using your fat from another area of your body. When you use your own fat, it will be removed from the chosen part of your body with liposuction and then inserted into your buttock. When you use silicone implants, they'll be inserted into your buttock through surgical incisions.

How long does a butt augmentation last?

A butt augmentation is meant to be a long-lasting procedure. Staying healthy and active will help you keep the shape of your buttock. However, if you use your own fat to create butt implants, you should know that this fat will behave like any other fat in your body. That means the shape of your butt could change with weight loss or weight gain.