Cosmetic Ear Surgery Beverly Hills

It’s so easy to forget how important the look of the ears are to your overall appearance. While the ears may seem like hidden features to those who have ears they are happy with, people with ear deformities often feel differently. The ears can change the entire look of your face. If you have an irregularity in the shape of one or both of your ears, because of defects at birth or personal injuries, you may feel self-conscious about your appearance. Dr. Golshani can help.

In Los Angeles, Dr. Golshani performs ear surgeries, which are also called otoplasties, to repair cosmetic issues with the ears. While esthetic ear problems generally do not cause hearing problems or medical issues, they can have a significant effect on your outlook and self-image. Dr. Golshani’s ear surgery can restore your self-esteem by correcting ears that appear overly large, ears that protrude, droopy ears, asymmetrical ears, “top ear”, “cupped ear”, “shell ear”, or any other defects that you are unsatisfied with.

Dr. Golshani would be happy to meet with you and discuss your options for correcting irregularities in ear shape. He is an extensively experienced, double board certified Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon. In addition, he is empathetic, honest, and will listen intently to your concerns and goals. Contact Dr. Golshani today.

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