Facial Fat Grafting

Facial Procedures - Face Lift Surgery

A new surgical technique utilizing excess fat from the patient's own body as a natural, living filler, Microfat Grafting can achieve precise structural changes to the specific areas it is placed. Also known as Liposculpture, this detailed procedure gently removes excess fat from areas such as the abdomen, buttocks, hips or thighs and, after special cleansing and preparation, it is injected into areas of the body that need filling. Microfat Grafting can help to soften wrinkles on the face, smooth out fine lines around the lips, make the lips and cheeks fuller, enhance flat buttocks, create a stronger looking jaw line and improve the appearance of scars. It can create a full, youthful appearance in the cheeks, temples and lips.

Because the adipose fat cells are living components of donor regions, unwanted fat cells can be moved as a graft, resulting in natural and permanent augmentation in 50-75% of cases. In addition, because your own adipose cells are used in this treatment, there is no chance of rejection or allergic reaction. Microfat Grafting is a safe, natural and effective way to improve facial and body contours. Secondarily, a benefit may be liposuction and aesthetic contouring of the donor site.

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