Inverted Nipple Surgery Beverly Hills]

Many men and women complain of inverted nipples, and are unaware that these are common problems, which can be easily corrected.

Inverted Nipples

Inverted nipples can not only be an undesirable cosmetic problem but also a physical one. If a patient has recently developed inverted nipples, it is important to diagnostically assess recent inversion with a mammography and a careful breast examination as it may be a sign of other medical problems including malignancy. Nipple inversion may also be related to scarring from breast-feeding or previous breast surgery and can cause functional problems such as the ability to breast-feed, discomfort and irritation. Patients who have had inverted nipples for most of their adult life are often considered as a benign condition in which after a diagnostic assessment, several procedures may be offered to correct the inversion. Corrections can be successful with the use of implants as in breast augmentation or internal plication of the subglandular tissue. In severe cases, the placement of cartilage grafts within the nipple can be utilized in post-menopausal patients to correct long-standing nipple inversion.

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