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Often times we think of the face as the part of the body that shows age the fastest. However, many people find that it is the neck that first shows signs of aging like sagging and “bands" around the neck. These esthetic changes are caused by weakening muscles in the neck, gravity, and the natural aging process. While all of us will face some signs of an aging neck that looks older, there are factors that can amplify the look of an aging neck, such as sun exposure, genetics, and weight gain or loss. The good news is that plastic surgery, when performed by a highly qualified and experienced surgeon, can reverse these signs of aging in the neck.

At Dr. Golshani’s office in Beverly Hills, neck lift surgery candidates often tell us they feel as though their neck is making them look older and lowering their self-confidence. Neck lift surgery, when performed by a renowned expert like Dr. Golshani, can tighten, tone, and give a youthful look to your neck, without telltale signs of looking “overdone”.

“I never knew a neck lift was all I needed to feel myself again.”

-Kristy W.

Benefits of a Neck Lift

Dr. Golshani has performed many neck lift operations to allow both women and men to have a more smooth, youthful neck. This plastic surgery removes loose skin, corrects sagging, smooths bands on the neck, and eliminates areas of fat from the neck and chin. In many cases, Dr. Golshani’s patients choose to combine a neck lift with another procedure like a facelift A combination procedure allows for maximum benefit, while taking advantage of overlapping aspects of surgery like the operating time and recovery period.

Beverly Hills Neck Lift Before & After Photos

Even though you may not think of the neck as being an area that shows signs of aging, once you realize how important the neck is to your overall esthetic, you can see how much difference a neck lift can make. For his Beverly Hills neck lift candidates, Dr. Golshani finds that many of them choose an additional procedure like a mid-facelift or facial implants. Here is an example of a patient who had a neck lift surgery performed by Dr. Golshani in Los Angeles.

Necklift Before & After Photos

What to Expect from Neck Lift

The best way to get a comprehensive understanding of your neck lift surgery experience is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Golshani. He dedicates ample time to understanding you, your goals, and your anatomy. By examining your neck, he can show you what is possible with neck lift surgery. Because our Los Angeles neck lifts are highly customized, your day of surgery will differ from other peoples. Dr. Golshani may be able to perform your neck lift as an outpatient procedure. Depending on what exactly he will do to correct the aesthetic of your neck, he may recommend local anesthesia with deep sedation, or general anesthesia. You should expect your operation to last 1.5 - 3 hours.

Advanced Techniques for a Neck Lift

There is a type of advanced neck lift called a Corsette Platysmaplasty, that has been perfected by Dr. Golshani. Corsette Platysmaplasty allows for the most substantial improvements in neck and jawline contours, but also includes a recovery with minimal down time. While many surgeons advertise that they perform neck lifts, Dr. Golshani is truly skilled and has mastered both the art and the science of neck lift surgery.

Minimal Neck Lift

While Dr. Golshani can perform significant improvements in the neck, he is also an expert in performing more minimal neck improvements when warranted. For example, if the skin sagging in your neck is not significant, but you are looking for esthetic improvements to excess fatty tissue in the neck area, Dr Golshani offers neck liposuction. This minimally invasive neck procedure can improve the chin contour and profile of your neck. In other cases, a patient may have a short chin which detracts from the look of the neck and chin area. In this case, Dr. Golshani can perform a chin implant with or without liposuction. There are so many ways to customize a neck lift, when you work with an expert. To learn more about what Dr. Golshani recommends for you, please contact us.

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