Nipple Reduction Beverly Hills

Breast reduction is a common surgery that you’ve likely heard about. However, did you know there’s also surgery to reduce the size of the nipples and areolas? This surgery is discussed less often, but can be an essential procedure for increasing the self-confidence of some women.

Because of genetics, some women have nipples or areolas (the dark area around the nipple) that they feel are too large relative to the size of their breasts. While there is no medical complications with having large nipples, they can play a significant role in how satisfied a woman feels with her breasts. If you are self-conscious about your nipples, or uncomfortable baring your breasts in front of your partner, nipple reduction or areola reduction may be a good option for you. In addition to the cosmetic concerns with nipples that are large, some women find that their large nipples are more likely to be irritated by clothing. They may also find that they have trouble wearing shirts without their nipples being visible.

Can men have nipple reduction surgery?

Yes, men do have nipple reduction surgery sometimes. This can be motivated by having large nipples or areolas, or sometimes because of a lack of symmetry in the nipples. Nipple reduction surgery in men is different from surgery to reduce fatty tissue in male breasts. Dr. Golshani can perform both procedures if you want to reduce the fat deposits in the breast area, as well as the nipple size.

How complex is nipple or areola reduction surgery?

When performed by a highly experienced surgeon, an operation to reduce the size of the nipples is generally a straightforward procedure that takes less than an hour. However, if a surgeon lacking skill or experience attempts this operation, it can result in scarring, pain, bleeding, and disfiguration. A separate surgery is then needed to repair the botched operation. Areola surgery can be more in depth because it involves lifting the breast tissue in many cases, not just a reduction of the amount of tissue. Dr. Golshani is substantially experienced in both of these operations.

Can nipple reduction be combined with another breast surgery?

Yes, Dr. Golshani can combine nipple or areola reduction surgery with another breast surgery. Some of our patients in Beverly Hills opt to get a nipple reduction when they are getting breast reduction surgery. They feel that with smaller breasts, a smaller nipple size would give a more balanced look. Additionally, some of our patients who choose a breast lift operation also have a nipple reduction. This is especially common with areola reduction, because large areolas are often related to breast sagging. By reducing the sagging and lifting the breast, Dr. Golshani is able to minimize the areola size.

Will nipple or areola reduction surgery interfere with my ability to get pregnant or breast feed?

There is no aspect of surgery to reduce nipple or areola size that would stop you from being able to get pregnant. However, Dr. Golshani recommends that you consider waiting until you are done having children to have these operations - especially areola reduction. The results of surgery to reduce areola size can be diminished by the process of being pregnant and/or breast feeding. While you should still be able to breastfeed, you may compromise your esthetic results.

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