Non-surgical nose enhancement procedures

The nose is central to the entire face. If you are not happy with your nose, that can single-handedly ruin your self-confidence with the look of your face. Having a symmetric nose that fits your other features is critical for facial balance. Many women and men are insecure about certain features that may exist on their nose, like a hump. Rhinoplasty is an amazing operation that allows for extensive corrections to a nose. However, not everyone wants or needs surgical enhancements to their nose. For those who want a better looking nose, but do not want surgery, Dr. Golshani’s non surgical nose job is an excellent option.

Non surgical nose procedures can also be great additions to surgical enhancements, and many of our facelift and rhinoplasty patients choose to have these non-surgical nose treatments. One thing that a non-surgical nose job cannot do is it cannot physically make your nose smaller. Only surgery can remove bone or cartilage from your nose. However, non surgical treatments can smooth out a bump, define the nasal tip, and improve the bridge of the nose. Many patients are shocked at how effective non surgical nose jobs can be.

Results are everything in the world of cosmetic procedures and Dr. Golshani understands this, which is why he has perfected his technique to ensure his patients receive only the finest results possible. Dr. Golshani’s sharp attention to detail is what makes him a prized nose enhancement doctor in Beverly Hills. To learn more about what Dr. Golshani and his team can do with or without surgery, get in touch with us.

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