Stem Cell Facelift Beverly Hills

About the G-Stem Facelift procedure

Decades ago, facelift surgery was a primitive procedure that aimed to tighten the skin to make the face look younger. Early facelift patients had few choices about the type of surgery they could have, and there was little ability to customize facial procedures. However, the art of facelift surgery has evolved significantly in the past 40 years. Today, advanced innovations in plastic surgery allow for a substantial range of options for those who want a facelift.

Having had years of specialized training with the pioneers of modern facial plastic surgery, Dr. Daniel Golshani has advanced experience in achieving natural beauty and a long lasting non-surgical look. One technique Dr. Golshani is excited to offer his Los Angeles facelift patients is called the G-Stem™ Facelift. This surgical option takes the most effective aspects of the well proven multi-planar SMAS Facelift, and the unparalleled results of a well performed neck lift with corset platysmaplasty, and incorporates it with proprietary techniques of advanced facial fat grafting. The ultimate results are natural, balanced, and long-lasting.

In order to find out what facelift options are best suited for your goals, set up a consultation with Dr. Golshani. You can reach our supportive team at (310) 274-3481. By learning about your frustrations and hopes, Dr. Golshani can teach you about the options that will most improve your appearance.

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