Liposculpture & Fat Grafting

Body Procedures - Liposculpture & Fat Grafting

Liposculpture is a minimally invasive procedure that can completely reshape the way you appear. Many patients seek the body of their dreams, but are unable to achieve it through non-surgical procedures such as dieting and exercise.

Liposculpture is able to reshape multiple areas of the body including the chest, waist, hips, things, buttocks, arms, breasts, neck, and others. It’s all made possible through a technique known as fat grafting, which combines with liposuction to produce incredibly detailed results.

Liposuction is able to permanently remove localized fat deposits in areas that you seek to improve, while fat grafting is able to transfer fat deposits from one area to another - adding volume and definition to areas that you are looking to highlight.

Liposculpture offers patients a way to sculpt the body in any way they desire without hassling with inconvenient procedures that result in unappealing scars and long recovery times. Reshape your life with a procedure that will completely transform your body in a manner that will inevitably boost your self-image, and provide you with the self-confidence you need to excel in today’s world.

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