Our Beverly Hills practice offers a variety of plastic surgery procedures and treatment plans for our patients who seek both moderate and significant improvement, cosmetic alterations and enhancements to their skin or features. Such procedures include enhancements to the face, body and breasts.


Dr. Golshani performs surgical enhancements to the face including rhinoplasty surgery or a “nose job”, eyelid enhancement or blepharoplasty, a facelift, fat grafting, a necklift, and a brow lift. Some surgeries can be minor and others can be more complex depending on the nature and extent of the desired change. We strive to provide natural results tailored to our patient’s individual goals, while keeping functionality and aesthetic beauty in mind. For example, a rhinoplasty must be done with precision to maintain the face’s natural harmony and balance, yet to correct or modify any symmetry, size and proportion concerns. Dr. Golshani is able to accomplish all that is necessary for a successful plastic surgery procedure with positive and appealing results.


As some would say, your body is your temple. Dr. Golshani’s approach to plastic surgery on the body includes precision and keenness on natural yet attractive and proportional results. With a safe and sterile environment, his patients can trust in the process especially if the selected procedure requires downtime or an extensive recovery. Some popular plastic surgery procedures on the body involve the tummy tuck, liposuction, mommy makeover, and breast augmentation. Generally, women post-partum after childbirth opt to undergo the tummy tuck and mommy makeover procedures.


Alterations both cosmetic and functional, to the breasts can be complex depending on the patient’s age, cosmetic and functional goal and nature and extent of the modification required. Breast augmentation procedures take into account the location of the breast, nipples, sagging, plumpness, fullness, size and proportion. Proportion relative to each breast but also in consideration of one’s body size and type. All factors are considered by plastic surgeon Dr. Golshani prior to surgery of any kind. For many women post-partum and as a result of breastfeeding, can see the natural changes the body undergoes. For many, breast enhancement may be the procedure you desire.


Non-surgical treatments include the popular Botox and facial fillers which are injectable treatments that seek to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles and revive the skin. Recovery is minimal and there is little to no downtime.