Thigh Lift in Beverly Hills

Many times people do not think of their legs as being a primary area to show signs of aging. However, many patients in Los Angeles come to Dr. Golshani saying that all of a sudden, their legs seem “old”. The thighs can age, just like the face or breasts can. We see the results of gravity and weight loss in people who have loose, excess skin in the inner or outer thighs. This loss of skin tone can result in sagging and an unpleasant contour of the thighs and lower body which sometimes does not respond to weight loss or exercise. People who have this excess skin may feel self-conscious wearing summer clothing or tight pants. They also may find that exercise is more difficult and uncomfortable.

Thigh lift surgery is an excellent solution for those who want to reverse the signs of aging in their legs and reshape the outer and inner thighs. Dr. Golshani achieves a better esthetic by removing excess skin and tightening up the thighs. This gives you a more pleasing silhouette, more shapely legs, and increased self confidence.

Types of Thigh Lift

There are two primary types of thigh lifts that Dr. Golshani performs. The first is called an inner thigh lift surgery, or a medial thigh lift. This thigh operation is designed to reduce the excess skin and fat, and tighten the inside of the thigh. During an inner thigh lift procedure, Dr. Golshani makes an incision at the top of your leg, so he can hide the incision in the groin crease. He removes some skin, and pulls the remaining skin tighter. The second surgical procedure for slimming the thighs targets loose skin on the outside of the thighs, as well as the front. While a thigh lift that is done incorrectly can loosen later, Dr. Golshani is a double board certified surgeon who uses advanced techniques to close the thigh lift incisions. This allows for the highest quality of results that last.

Liposculpture for the Thighs

Sometimes Dr. Golshani uses liposuction to slim the thighs in conjunction with a thigh lift. One advanced form of liposuction is called liposculpture. This treatment can reshape and improve the appearance of the thighs. It allows Dr. Golshani to use smaller instruments and special advanced techniques. One benefit of using liposculpture for slimming the thighs is that it can remove fatty deposits with less visible scars, quicker healing, and enhanced comfort. Liposculpture lets Dr. Golshani contour the thighs instead of simply slimming them. This allows for excellent results, and a more natural looking thigh shape.

As one of the first plastic surgeons to perform thigh lifts including liposculpture in Southern California, Dr. Daniel Golshani has developed a unique minimally-invasive technique that can remove considerable amounts of excess fat and promote skin tightening with precise results.

If you are interested in reducing the fat and loose skin on your thighs, schedule a consultation with Dr. Golshani. His thigh treatment options range from minimally invasive fat removal and contouring to skin removal and tightening. Only by meeting with Dr. Golshani can he give you his individualized recommendations for the procedures that will give you the best results for reshaping your legs.

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