Eyebrow Lift Beverly Hills

The Brow Lift Procedure

The Brow LiOne change that most people notice in their face as they age is drooping or sagging in their brows. In addition to aging the face, sagging eyebrows can make someone look sad, depressed, and even angry. Dr. Golshani can reverse this sign of facial aging with an operation called a brow lift. During this surgery, Dr. Golshani can lift eyelids that appear to droop, eliminate wrinkles on the forehead, and create a more tight, smooth look to areas that have loose skin. When not performed correctly, a brow lift can result in a face that looks ‘overdone’ with telltale signs of plastic surgery.

Your Beverly Hills Eyebrow Lift Consultation

An inexperienced or unskilled surgeon may tighten the skin too much, or raise the eyebrows higher than they should be naturally. Dr. Golshani gets such excellent results for his Los Angeles brow lift patients because he understands how to create a younger, but natural, look. The best results are evident when patients' eyebrows are elevated to a natural level. For many patients, they benefit from combining a brow lift with an upper or lower eyelid procedure.

The benefit of a brow lift surgical procedure is a more youthful, rested and energetic appearance. While the physical changes after a brow lift are impressive, so are the psychological changes. Because of the improvement in the appearance of their eyes - and entire face - Dr. Golshani's patients often express feeling more alert, energetic, and youthful.

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