“Should I Get a Tummy Tuck?”

Dr. Golshani is one of the leading tummy tuck surgeons in Beverly Hills. As a result, he has had the opportunity to dramatically change lives through the power of plastic surgery – specifically tummy tuck.

“Should I Get a Tummy Tuck?”

Chances are this is the one question that you have been going back and forth on in your mind, right? Tummy tucks are a powerful procedure. What this means is that they have the ability to cause positive life-changing results. And for many women, it has been the solution to their ever-growing problem – an inability to shave off unwanted belly fat.

should I get a tummy tuck

Did you know the patient above was one of Dr. Golshani’s? She was an ordinary, average woman who was skeptical about tummy tuck at first, but was convinced after she had seen her friend undergo the procedure with positive results.

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Exercise and dieting haven’t helped? You would make a great candidate for tummy tuck. Dr. Golshani offers tummy tuck in Beverly Hills as a way to help women restore their body image & dramatically increase their self-esteem.

How to Tighten Abdomen Without Use of Tummy Tuck

Pregnancy causes your abdominal muscles to stretch extensively, leading to something called myofascial laxity. Additionally, many women also develop diastasis, which refers to the gap between the two vertically oriented abdominal muscles – rectus abdominis.

Surgeons can recommend a variety of procedures to correct abdominal laxity, including an umbilical float modified tummy tuck, a mini tummy tuck, or even a full abdominoplasty, which can be performed with or without abdominal muscle repair or liposuction. While these procedures are effective, you should consider other ways of tightening your abdomen before rushing to plastic surgery.

Core Exercises

According to expert trainers, the abdominal muscles are the easiest to engage without using any equipment, because you can work them by doing something as simple as pulling your belly in and holding that position. Exercises that help with this include:

1. Cardiovascular Activity

Cardiovascular exercise is important for not only burning fat but also forming a leaner midsection. According to the CDS, healthy adults need a minimum of 2.5 hours of moderate cardio weekly to see good results.

These moderate activities include brisk walking, water aerobics, and riding a bike on ground level. As you get stronger, it is important that you increase calorie burning with more vigorous activity, like running (for only 1.25 hours a week).

2. Squat With Twist

You should also consider tightening the sides of your abdominais with this exercise. The squat and twist tones both the legs and sides of core muscles. According to “Fitness” magazine,

  • Assume a standing position
  • Lower your body into the squat position
  • Keep your weight on the heels, and don’t extend your knees beyond your toes, and then extend your arms in front of your body
  • Slowly twist to your left using your core muscles – keeping the midsection engaged
  • Return to starting position and repeat 8 times.

3. Try Pelvic Tilts

This is a great workout for your deep core muscles. To get started,

  • Lie on an exercise mat
  • Bend your knees slightly, keeping your arms to the side of your body
  • Contract the core muscles as you lift your pelvis off the ground
  • Hold for 5 seconds and release
  • Repeat 10 times per workout

4. Other Abdominal Exercises

This does not refer to the standard abs exercises like crunches or sit-ups that are mundane – though they also get results. You need some more practical and fun ways to tone your belly when doing regular activities. Consider exercises such as pelvic thrusts, lying leg raises, air bike, and bridge exercises, among others.

While exercises are a great way to shed fat, they cannot tighten your skin or solve diastasis. It can also be hard to target specific areas where you want to shed fat. So, when exercises have deemed unsatisfactory for your abdomen-tightening goals, it may be time to try out a tummy tuck.

Tummy Tuck Advantages to Keep in Mind…

Most often we mistake a tummy tuck as a weight loss tool, however, tummy tucks are used for more than just weight loss. Exercise in unable to tighten loose skin that may have resulted from a pregnancy, so no matter how much exercise you perform… the weight may come off, but the skin will still appear stretched. A tummy tuck can correct this. Problem spots where your body has decided to store fat often cannot be fully resolved through exercise and tummy tucks are a great way to correct this as well.

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Beverly Hills Mommy Makeover Doctor

Struggling with your self-esteem and feeling like your body does not look like your body anymore? Exercise and diet not giving you the results you’re expecting? Every mother will have different body concerns, but a Mommy Makeover can help address the following issues:

  • Loose skin around the stomach
  • Reduced breast size and shape
  • Excess skin
  • Excess fat
  • Stretch marks
  • and more…

Dr. Daniel Golshani offers a variety of procedures designed to reverse the effects of pregnancy on the body. Restore your pre-pregnancy looks with the best mommy makeover in Beverly Hills.

How soon after pregnancy can I get a Mommy Makeover?

Mommy Makeover Consultation in Beverly Hills

A consultation with Dr. Daniel Golshani is the first step to learn how a personalized Mommy Makeover in Beverly Hills can improve your post-pregnancy body. Consultations typically include a discussion of your goals, an evaluation of your current signs of aging, the non-surgical and surgical options available to you including a comprehensive, physician-supervised weight management, nutrient supplementations and a wide array of available expert consultants to address the patient as a whole. Dr. Golshani will also discuss in detail with the patient, the likely outcomes, potential risks and complications associated with Mommy Makeovers, and the recommended course of treatment.

Real Mommy Makeover Results

los angeles mommy makeover

mommy makeover los angeles

Mommy Makeover

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How to Guarantee a Safe Cosmetic Procedure

Some minor cosmetic procedures, such as dermal fillers and Botox injections, don’t involve surgery, but this does not necessarily remove all risk. Studies show that these procedures are very safe when performed by trained and qualified professionals. Before signing up for a cosmetic procedure, make sure you have done all of your research. Below is a checklist you can follow to help you organize the important aspects.

Safety Checklist

First and foremost: It is important that you use a reputable, board-certified surgeon with the proper credentials and experience.

Such checks are particularly important because of the rapidly growing market for injectable cosmetics, which has created opportunities for bad practice. People should try to be safe when choosing a practitioner to ensure that they are in the best hands possible, and can look forward confidently to receiving a positive outcome.

Some of the things to check about the provider include:

Title – some providers use unrecognizable or unusual titles, such as ‘Advanced Aesthetics Therapist/Practitioner’ to attract and deceive consumers. When checking the qualifications of a cosmetic provider, make sure that the person performing the procedure uses the actual title of a doctor, registered nurse, or dentist.

Qualifications – only regulated practitioners – doctors, registered nurses, and dentists, are well qualified to offer injectable cosmetic solutions.

Training – providers need proper training to provide cosmetic treatments, such as how to deal with adverse reactions, allergic reactions, and emergencies. Board certification is an excellent way to denote whether or not a plastic surgeon is fit for the job.

Location – to avoid infection or permanent physical damage, in severe cases, treatments should only be carried out in a safe, clean, and appropriate clinical facility. Many surgeons offer a complimentary consultation which allows you to scope out their facility and ask questions.

Lastly, you should research your procedure. A lot of information can be gathered about certain procedures and first hand-experiences from realself.com – a community devoted to plastic surgery experiences as a whole. Many surgeons offer their opinions on the questions this platform’s users provide. It is worth looking in to.

dr golshani realself Dr. Golshani has provided 179 expert answers to date and has received the “Top Doctor” seal of approval from realself moderators to distinguish his presence. His answers vary across all of the cosmetic procedures that he provides as a double board-certified Beverly Hills plastic surgeon.

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When is the Best Time to Have Plastic Surgery?

Everyone hopes to look their best and achieve their goals. When it comes to cosmetic surgery procedures, especially the popular breast reduction, breast enhancement, abdominoplasty, facelifts, and augmentation, they need to be approached as major surgical procedures by both you and your doctor.

Working with a qualified surgeon and skilled surgical team is one way to ensure success – specifically board-certification. But since cosmetic surgery entails not just the procedure itself, but also the healing and recovery process, you need to prepare yourself adequately to ensure that you do not strain yourself after the surgery or compromise on your recovery in any way.

When is the Best Time to Have Plastic Surgery?

Experts suggest that late fall to winter is the best time for plastic surgery. Since this is the coolest time of the year, you will naturally spend more time indoors, wear bulky clothing, and enjoy longer work holidays, which are all ideal for healing and recovery after plastic surgery.

Other considerations when choosing a time for plastic surgery:

1. Enough time for other transformations

If you plan to have plastic surgery and diet at the same time, it is better that you diet first. It is beneficial to schedule the surgical procedure at the appropriate time after weight loss – when your weight has plateaued and stabilized – to maximize results.

2. New Year, New you!

Many people make all kinds of New Year resolutions, including improving themselves physically. The New Year makes you feel rejuvenated and ready for something different and better. So, this is another reason to plan the surgery early in the year – during the winter months – so you can boost your confidence and look forward to accomplishing other resolutions.

If you like winter sports, you could still schedule the surgery for spring, as you get yourself ready for summer; vacation, less clothing, bathing suits, the beach, summer parties, etc.

3. Best Season for Recovery

It is wise to plan a surgery according to the season to allow a suitable period for concealing the swelling and scars, for safe recovery, and to provide the perfect alibi to those you prefer not to tell till later. In addition to attire like hoodies and turtlenecks that help camouflage your surgery, you can also change your makeup or hair color to change your appearance just enough to throw your curious friends off the scent.

Final Thoughts

Generally, it is safest to schedule plastic surgery when there are no harsh temperatures outside. Higher temperatures tend to encourage swelling and infection, so the cool fall-winter climate helps to prevent such complications by keeping you indoors. Staying indoors also keeps you away from direct sunlight, promotes healing, and keeps you from engaging in any strenuous activities.

What Plastic Surgery Trends Are “Millennials” Going For?

There seems to be a lot of talk about the “Millennial Generation” lately as they are the ones most likely to share their stories on social media platforms such as Instagram & Facebook.

What’s the “Millennial Generation” Considered?

Before we reveal the 4 most sought after procedures Millennials are turning to plastic surgeons for, let’s first establish what a “Millennial” is. Most sources seem to confirm that the “Millennial Generation” involves both men and women who were born between years 1980 – 2000 and are aged anywhere from 18 years old – 35 years old currently.

Plastic Surgery Trends for Millennials

1. Breast Implants/Augmentation

Breast implants remain
the most popular plastic surgery procedure that Millennials turn to in order to enhance the shape and size of their breasts. One of the main reasons why this procedure is very popular now is because of the evolution of the breast
implant itself & the techniques used to implant them. Today, board-certified surgeons such as Dr. Golshani are able to provide women subtle, natural-looking breasts that were not possible when they were first introduced.

2. Rhinoplasty (i.e. Nose Job)

The nose is a very delicate structure that Millennials are turning to plastic surgeons in order to correct bumps or other deformities that we perceive as unattractive. The term “selfie” has given rise to the popularity of this
procedure as “selfies” directly involve facial shots where the nose is prominent. Rhinoplasty, or nose jobs, successfully corrects the nose for a more attractive, symmetrical appearance.

3. Mommy Makeover

Many Millennial mothers are turning to solutions that help them restore their bodies pre-pregnancy after exercise & diet have not fulfilled their expectations. However, it has been found that Millennial mothers want to look & feel their absolute best & mommy makeovers are a great way to receive a bundle of procedures that will rejuvenate your body.

4. Liposuction (popular in the Spring!)

The Millennials comprise a very large amount of Liposuction cases, which is steadily growing throughout the years. The rise in obesity plays a large factor in weight loss substitutes such as tummy tucks or liposuction to remove bothersome fat, or problem areas, that refuse to go away through exercise & diet modifications. Spring is a popular time because both men & women begin thinking about their “beach body” that they will like to have ready by summertime where social media posts are very high.

beverly hills plastic surgeon dr golshani
Dr. Golshani offers liposuction in Beverly Hills for patients looking to smooth or tighten sagging skin, as well as other procedures such as mommy makeover, breast augmentation & nose jobs. For more information please visit our website or you may call our office @ (310) 274-3481.

How to Successfully Stick to Your New Year’s Resolution!

The New Year provides an ideal time for most people to start new projects, or at least to start working on changing some undesirable elements of the past year. Unfortunately, many New Year’s resolutions are in the form of long lists of demands that put you under pressure to deliver with a ticking clock. You get worn out soon after.

Sticking to your New Year goals is not necessarily a matter of self discipline. According to Joseph Shrand, M.D., and Harvard Medical School psychiatry instructor, the human brain is constantly trying to balance feelings of pleasure and restraint. Rational desires, such as self-restraint, reside in the front of the brain, which is the most recently evolved section of the brain, and most vulnerable to getting overruled by natural instincts.

Pleasure, on the other hand, lives in the most primitive part of the brain that has spent eternity learning to reward the person with a satisfying dose of dopamine when the urges overpower you.

How to Successfully Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions

So, how do you empower the rational section of your brain to triumph and stick to New Year resolutions?

1. Create a plan.

A plan is intended to keep you on track and focused on your primary goal. You are less likely to make impulse purchases when shopping with a grocery list than when trying to recall the items to buy from your memory. So, rather than simply making a decision to do something, note it down somewhere and constantly remind yourself to stay accountable.

2. Break down big goals into smaller goals.

Saving $1,000 more by the end of the year seems much harder compared to saving $90 per month. The same logic applies with long-term weight loss goals, or any other objective for that matter. However, breaking down a larger goal into more manageable segments makes it easier for you to focus and stay accountable.

3. Tackle one goal at a time.

While multi-tasking seems like a smart approach to get more work done within a shorter time, using this approach with your resolutions can derail the process. It takes effort to replace bad habits with healthy ones, so it is better that you focus on one goal at a time as you build momentum and a sense of self-actualization.

Lastly, it is important that you pre-commit to increase your chances of success. This means eliminating any threats and obstacles that may keep you from reaching your goals. For instance, choosing to work in a place with no internet connection, rather than trusting yourself to not use an available network eliminates the possibility of derailment.

Introducing Trista – One of the Most Sought After Injectors in So Cal!

dr golshani valentines day

Meet Trista – Our Celebrity Facial Artist

We are so excited to announce that the incredibly talented Trista will be joining Dr. Golshani’s team of experts! Celebrity Facial Artist Trista Shakeridge, RN is a seasoned professional, licensed nurse with over 12 years experience as a nurse injector specializing in Botox, Dysport, Juvederm, Restylane, Voluma, Belotero & Radiesse.

Learn more about Botox in Beverly Hills.

What Happens After Dramatic Weight Loss?

Now that the New Year (2017) is here, many people will attempt to lose weight. It’s one of the most popular “New Year’s Resolutions”, but also happens to be equally one of the most failed New Year’s Resolutions. In any event, some people will stick to their guns & end up shedding off several pounds of unwanted fat.

However, not everyone benefits from diet & exercise … or perhaps they become too impatient. For some, it may be wiser to select a form of bariatric surgery such as gastric sleeve or gastric bypass surgery. For others, they may turn to Beverly Hills plastic surgeons, such as Dr. Golshani.

When You Should Consider Plastic Surgery After Dramatic Weight Loss

  • If you notice sagging skin in multiple areas including the face, neck, breasts, arms, abdomen, back & thighs.
  • If you have lost a dramatic amount of weight (dramatic would be considered 40% of your BMI or more) as a result of bariatric surgery, diet & exercise.
  • If your weight has stabilized following bariatric surgery (i.e. weight loss surgery), diet, or exercise, which may occur 18 months or more, following your weight loss.

Weighing the Pros & Cons

For many, a surgical option may not be in our best interest, however with amount of training, education & technology surgeons have available today most procedures are very comfortable & do not involve much pain or discomfort, as well as feature diminished post-op recovery times. Aside from this, there are considerations to be aware of.


  • Say goodbye to loose skin, enabling you to fit into your clothes much easier.
  • No more overhanging skin that may cause pain or discomfort for some due to chafing & rashes. Infections are also possible from overhanging skin.
  • Significantly enhance your self-esteem and feel much better about your body in general.


  • The results gained from surgery may not meet your expectations.
  • You may have permanent scarring that may be minimized through the use of advanced surgical techniques by an experienced plastic surgeon such as Dr. Golshani.
  • Your results may be affected by lifestyle choices, aging & diet choices.

Popular Procedures to Consider After Dramatic Weight Loss

Liposuction remains one of the most popular procedures to lose the unwanted sagging skin & overhanging skin, however other plastic or cosmetic procedures may benefit you greater and they are tummy tuck, breast lift, arm lift, thigh lift, breast reduction, or others. Your plastic surgeon will review all options with you in person to find out which ones are the best.

beverly hills liposuction Dr. Golshani offers liposuction in Beverly Hills for patients looking to smooth or tighten sagging skin that may have resulted from dramatic weight loss either from diet & exercise or from weight loss surgery. For more information please visit our website or you may call our office @ (310) 274-3481.