Body Contouring

Body Contouring Procedures in Beverly Hills

Throughout our lives, many factors including heredity, gravity, stress, environmental conditions, and sun exposure, can cause the face, our most visible feature, to age right before our eyes.

Throughout our lives, many factors including heredity, gravity, stress, can cause the face, visible features.

Body Procedures

  • Arm Lift

    An arm lift can eliminate excess sagging skin that hangs off the side of one’s arm. This procedure tightens the skin for a toned appearance in the arms.

  • Brazilian Liposculpture

    Brazilian liposculpture is basically a Brazilian butt lift using fat grafted from the body and added to the buttocks for fullness and plumpness.

  • Liposculpture

    Liposculpture is a liposuction procedure that utilizes fat grafting to create shape and sculpt your body in a cosmetically desirable way.

  • Liposuction

    Liposuction removes fat cells that are unwanted and eliminates them from the body for significant weight loss and to treat medical conditions like lipomas, lymphedema and more.

  • Mommy Makeover

    A mommy makeover generally includes three core changes: a tummy tuck to tighten the skin on the stomach, liposuction for shaping and contouring, and a breast lift or augmentation to remove sagging and lift the breasts. All surgical changes are noticeable post-pregnancy and delivery.

  • Post-Bariatric

    This surgery is correct body contour, loose, sagging skin and non-elastic tissue post-bariatric plastic surgery.

  • Thigh Lift

    A thigh lift with liposculpture involves removing excess fat, tightening the skin and sculpting a toned appearance and shape.

  • Tummy Tuck

    A tummy tuck is the ideal surgery for new moms after pregnancy and childbirth, who weren’t able to remove the excess loose skin on their abdomen.

About our various body procedures

Women and men from all walks of life may experience the need to improve their shape, but not everyone needs a tummy tuck or is a candidate for high-definition liposuction with fat grafting. At Avosant Beverly Hills, we are true believers in the importance of a good lifestyle with a natural low-fat diet and lots of healthy exercise. But we also recognize the power of plastic surgery to help you reclaim your ideal body, or even to make the impossible become a reality.

Case in point is the scenario of a mother who commonly presents to our office with unsightly loose abdominal skin that does not improve with exercise, a stretchy abdominal wall that does not improve with any number of sit ups, and excess fat in the waist, with varying degrees of flat or saggy buttocks. In this situation, an option may be one of the many tummy tuck techniques such as a lateral tension abdominoplasty with liposuction of the waist and fat grafting to the buttocks.

Dr. Daniel Golshani has extensive experience in a wide array of procedures to help even the most difficult scenario, such as a patient who has lost a hundred pounds or more after weight loss surgery and now presents with severe looseness and sagginess in the abdomen, the thighs, the arms, the face, and everywhere else in between. Such a patient might only benefit from body lift procedures to correct all or any combination of these areas.

Dr. Golshani and his staff are thoroughly experienced and here to help you, whether you’re a candidate for coolsculpting and a mini tummy tuck, or you’re in need of a full body lift after bariatric weight loss. We find these procedures to be some of the most gratifying work we do, because the results are often positively life changing for our patients.

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