Breast Contouring

Breast Contouring Procedures in Beverly Hills

Breast enhancement is more than just augmentation.

Some women with larger than average breasts might feel self-conscious about attracting unwanted attention, while some women with smaller breasts may feel they are disproportionately small for their frame.

Breast Procedures

About Breast Contouring Procedures:

Breast enhancement isn't just limited to augmentation for to women. A woman's breasts are an important defining feature of her physique. It can be difficult to reach one's physical goals for their breasts through diet and exercise, so many women are eager to improve the size, lift, and contouring of their breasts with breast enhancement procedures. Breast enhancement is much sought after, and is also available for men as well. Dr. Golshani has helped hundreds of men and women achieve their physical goals for breast enhancement, from local patients in Beverly Hills to patients who travel from across the country for his expertise. Breast enhancement is more than just augmentation.

  • Breast Augmentation

    Breast augmentation surgery is a desirable choice for many women. In the prime of one’s life, for a bigger cup size or fullness, breast enhancement can be your cup of tea. For mom’s post-partum and after breastfeeding, this can also be an excellent choice.

  • Breast Lift

    Sagging breasts can become a nuisance. A breast lift can eliminate the frustration and annoyance with the appearance of sagging breasts that come naturally with time and age.

  • Breast Reduction

    Many women suffer from very large breasts. With heavy breasts and an excess weight on the front of one’s chest, a woman can struggle with back pain long-term which can be unnecessarily difficult to live with. Breast reduction surgery can solve this problem.

  • Male Breast Reduction

    Men can also benefit from a breast reduction surgery where the appearance or protrusion of the breasts is extremely apparent or obvious in an undesirable way..

  • Breast Revision

    Breast revision surgery involves correcting a poorly done breast augmentation procedure. You can trust Dr. Golshani’s’ years of experience as a licensed board-certified surgeon for such an important procedure on your body.

  • Breast Reconstruction

    Breast reconstruction is exactly what it sounds like. The breast is reconstructed by plastic surgeon Dr. Golshani in necessary circumstances and includes a skin expansion option or a flap reconstruction technique which creates skin using tissue.

  • Nipple Reduction

    Nipple reduction surgery is a choice many women select when the size of their nipples can be modified in a cosmetically pleasing way. Size is the main concern during treatment.

  • Breast Fat Grafting

    Fat grafting to enhance your breasts is a popular option for women who do not wish to insert or use a foreign substance in the body for the enhancement. With fat grafting, your own body’s fat is utilized and inserted into the breasts to make them appear larger and fuller.

Some women with larger than average breasts might feel self-conscious about attracting unwanted attention, while some women with smaller breasts may feel they are disproportionately small for their frame.

What matters most is how comfortable you feel about your body. Though most assume breast enhancement is only for making breasts larger, patients also choose to reduce breast size, change the shape and lift of the breasts, and improve the appearance of the nipples. Many of our patients finish their procedures feeling more confident that their breasts look the best for their body.

About our various breast procedures

Women (and men) of all ages have personal opinions regarding the perfect breast size or shape. But perfection is more than what meets the eye, and it does not always match our cultural stereotypes. Women present with complaints ranging from small but normal shaped breasts desiring larger ones, to those wishing to correct breast deformity, to patients who have very droopy and empty breasts after major weight loss desiring full and lifted breasts, to women who have carried size F or even larger breasts since puberty, and now suffer from chronic neck pain, back pain, and shoulder strap cuts into their skin, wishing to have lifted but much smaller breasts.

Perfection then becomes objective, and a place where understanding the patient’s perceptions and individual anatomy, the surgeon’s surgical skills, artistic skills, and compassion merge to create a long-term natural, symmetric, and aesthetically pleasing results, with minimal surgical risks.

Dr. Daniel Golshani has performed thousands of Breast Procedures encompassing all of the above possibilities and well beyond, routinely performing reconstructive breast surgery for women who have had multiple failed previous surgeries and present to him with severe deformity, pain, and a significantly affected self-image. If you wish to have the perfect breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction, or reconstruction for cancer or previous surgeries schedule a consultation with Dr. Daniel Golshani. While no surgical result is ever without risk or possible adverse outcome, Dr. Golshani is compulsive about aiming for the perfect outcome for each and every one of his patients.