A Non-Surgical Facelift can reverse signs of aging without surgery

Are you starting to see signs of aging in your face? While you’ve thought about a facelift, maybe you’re not ready to take that step. You are not alone. Many of our Los Angeles clients tell us that they know a surgical facelift can give the most significant results, but they’re hoping for a non-surgical option. For some, they feel as though their facial aging signs are not advanced enough to warrant surgery yet. Others do not have the time to take off work for a surgical procedure, some are nervous or ineligible for surgery, and some are hoping for less of a financial commitment. Whatever the reason, rest assured that Dr. Golshani offers an excellent set of procedures - all without surgery - for those looking for a non-surgical facelift.

Our Non-Surgical Facelift Solution

A non-surgical facelift is not a single procedure, but a set of procedures that we customize just for you. The treatments we’ll recommend are based on your type of aging skin, such as sun-damaged skin, skin laxity, or loss of facial fullness. We’ll also talk to you about our goals which may include tighter skin, fewer wrinkles, better definition of the jaw or cheekbones, minimizing dark circles, or correcting skin tone.

Your multimodality plan can include the use of Botox® or Dysport®, Fillers such as Juvederm®, Voluma®, Radiesse®, or Facial G-STEM™, Fat Grafting Laser Treatments such as Laser Genesis®, Fraxel Laser®, Facial Chemical Peels such as the V Peel®, very effective Facial Spa Treatments, Micro-Needling, or Ultrasound with Micronutrient Treatments.

Incorporating Skincare Products

In addition, Dr. Golshani and his team offer a line of outstanding skincare products to use at home, and offer dietary recommendations and supplements as needed. The best way to learn about your non-surgical facelift treatment options is to schedule an appointment with Dr. Golshani and his team of esthetic experts.

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