Laser Clinic for non-surgical skin treatments

Lasers are versatile, safe, and effective when used for cosmetic procedures by an expert. At Dr. Golshani’s medical spa, he and his staff are exceptionally knowledgeable about how to provide the best laser treatments for each person. We use high-end, powerful lasers that are known for their clinical effectiveness in skin and facial treatments. These lasers can help reduce or remove fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes (i.e. freckles and sunspots), and scars.

How lasers work

Known as facial skin resurfacing, laser treatments are light-based cosmetic solutions that apply concentrated pulsating beams of light directly to a specific area. Lasers not only have the ability to resurface your entire face, but also are able to remove minor flaws such as birthmarks, warts, and scars, as well provide a solid foundation for healthier skin and collagen fibers to form.

Lasers can provide excellent cosmetic results, but are not right for everyone. To find out if laser treatment can help you reach your cosmetic goals, contact Dr. Golshani. His Beverly Hills Laser Clinic offers a safe, non-surgical approach to enhancing your skin’s appearance.

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