Black Market Botox Injections: Why This Cannot Be Trusted

Don’t take chances, use a board-certified plastic surgeon for all of your Botox needs.

You can probably find every designer item worth buying on the Black Market, including glasses, shoes, handbags, and now, even Botox and a variety of other fillers. But using fillers is not just a matter of carrying a brand name; you have to think about your safety.

While getting Black Market injections can save you a lot of money up front, it could turn to be costly in the long run. First, there are the ramifications of using a fake product, and second, there is the risk of having an unskilled, uncertified, and often times an unlicensed “physician” administering the product. How can you possibly trust someone who’s using inferior products to take your health and safety into consideration?

What it means to use black market plastic surgery solutions?

Numerous deaths have been reported from the use of black market buttocks injections, and official data suggests that even more injuries occur every day as a result of unauthorized injections. Black Market injections are definitely risky.

For instance, there are two types of Botox in the Black Market: the first one is manufactured in the USA by Allergan, exported for foreign use, altered by fraudulent people, and redistributed in different countries at a lower price; and the second one is simply fake Botox, with a different recipe.

The “Black Market” is an unlawful trade or traffic in scarce or officially controlled commodities. The scarcity coupled with high demand for certain products motivates people to purchase and modify or manufacture knock-offs and sell them to consumers at a lower rate. The extent of danger may not be significant when dealing with handbags or watches, but there are serious safety concerns when the fakes are pharmaceuticals.

Repercussions of Black Market Botox

Many doctors and patients alike love Botox and other cosmetic injections. Botox is a real medical procedure with the potential to cause actual medical complications if used improperly. Using a knock-off only increases the risks for problems.

Users have suffered fatalities because of requesting untrained persons to administer the right injections, which only increases the risk for fake products. Common risks of Black Market Botox include abscesses or skin infections at best, and permanent disfiguring, blindness, respiratory arrest, and even death at worst.

Detecting Black Market Injections

Everyone, and particularly women, wants to look more beautiful and youthful, and injectables like Botox help you do that. But you should know that it takes research, quality control, and other essential processes in the production process before the product gets to you, so you shouldn’t expect it to be cheap. To protect yourself from fakes, you should follow this rule of thumb: if it is cheap, has a funky label, or comes with a cheap injector, then it is probably fake and unsafe for human use.

“If it’s too good to be true, then it probably is.”

A Great Debate: Tummy Tuck or Liposuction?

If you’re considering abdominal surgery of some sort, among the popular procedures are tummy tuck and liposuction. After considering your options and the results you’d like, you and your doctor decide you’re in for both procedures! However, one question you might be asking then is, which comes first? Liposuction or tummy tuck?

Today’s surgeons are confident they can combine the two procedures if the liposuction is needed only on the sides and hips, and Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon, Dr. S. Daniel Golshani, agrees:

“Undergoing full abdominal liposuction when the skin is very loose can result [in] lumpy bumpiness and a poorer outcome at the end which is hard to fix[.] If you find it hard to lose weight before surgery (many people do), I would have you consider a full tummy tuck to remove the [loose] skin and tighten your muscles first.”

Liposuction can be performed at the same time as a full tummy tuck, if it’s a partial procedure, focusing on the area around the abdomen. However, Dr. Golshani has found that liposuction of some direct fat from the upper abdominal skin is safe. When consulting with a potential candidate for both procedures, he was quoted saying:

“This will get you really flat and much curvier, and will make it very easy for you to begin enjoying your new look and start a [lifestyle] protocol including a healthy diet and exercise routine.”

As long as you use a board-certified surgeon for your plastic surgery needs, you will no doubt find success in striking a balance between the two procedures. Of course, every case is different, but what remains consistent is the fact that your surgeon will work to deliver the best results possible for your body, in the safest way. After the surgery, it’s your job to keep off that weight! Your surgeon will guide you, but the future of your tummy is in your hands.

Dr. Golshani’s 3 Daily Habits for Healthy Skin

Skin. What a love-hate relationship we human beings have with our skin. We love it when it’s smooth and youthful; we loathe it when it’s dry and looking aged. The older we get, the more our skin becomes something we must take care of. I wanted to expose you to three simple habits we can learn to keep our skin feeling good and healthy.

1. Exfoliating

To avoid the build-up of cells, which can cause acne, blocked pores, and dullness, we must exfoliate. The skin regenerates, turning over a new epidermis every 28-30 days. This keeps the body looking new, well… as new as it can for our given ages. We can keep our cells on their “toes” by gently exfoliating on a daily basis. You can purchase any mild exfoliant, chemical or physical, at any drugstore or grocery store. But, if you have five minutes to spare at home, there are a few easy options to make either one. Make sure to moisturize with your favorite lotion or crème everywhere you’ve exfoliated. If your skin is naturally quite oily, try spraying it with mineral water.

For chemicals, think acids – orange, lemon, tomato. All fruits, yes even tomato, whose juice, when rubbed on the skin, does the job of eating away at the superficial skin cells nicely, and gently! Just squeeze some juice of one of these babies onto your hands and apply to your face, neck and chest, even your whole body if you have enough juice, the fruit enzymes do the job. One layer or swipe of the hands will do the trick, no need to douse yourself. Only use one at a time, mixing fruit acids could result in a rash.

For physical, a natural bristle body brush, or homemade sugar or salt scrub is a fantastic way to do this. Whichever you use, make sure to apply long strokes toward your heart, from the feet up. If you do your face, be extra gentle with that skin. Combine a cup of sugar or salt with olive, grape seed, avocado or coconut oil. Add in some honey until the consistency is to your liking. Then scrub and rinse.

2. Loving

This one is even simpler. The majority of our bodies are made up of H2O, that’s water for anyone wondering. In short, water responds to energy, negative or positive. So, saying some nice things to yourself on a daily basis might be the best habit you can get into. If you feel silly, do it in the shower. Connect with your skin. Gently tap your skin with your fingertips, everywhere while you’re telling it how much you love it, out loud. Even cooing like you would to a baby or a puppy does wonders. Your skin will listen and in a short time, with this habit in play, people will start telling you how good you look. Guaranteed. The glow of love is a real thing. It’s physics.

3. Nourishing

Your skin loves water, so drink clean water every day. Water is the ultimate skin nourishment. It moisturizes you from the inside out. Teas, made from the bag, not the bottle, are in fact even more hydrating than water alone. Again, it’s physics. The polyphenols in tea attach to the water molecules and when you ingest it, the polyphenols deposit in the cell vacuole, energizing it to do its job, and the H2O flushes through your cells and system. Pretty cool habit to get into. And as a tea drinker, you could even dare to call yourself fancy.

Take my tips in with stride and you’ll be able to see a noticeable difference in your skin within a couple of weeks.

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