Tennis Star, Simona Halep, Drastically Improved Game After Breast Reduction

A Romanian professional tennis star, Simona Halep, unfortunately suffered from heavy breasts – 34DD to be exact. As expected, she suffered from problems as a result of her large breasts, except her problems were experienced on the tennis court.

By having large breasts, Simona was physically unable to seamlessly take certain shots, leading to mistakes and diminished reaction time – effectively pitting her with a disadvantage to other highly competitive players.

The article mentions how the University of Portsmouth found that one in five women did not participate in physical activity solely because of their breasts. The study found that the main reasons why are because it was too hard to find the right sports bra and because of excessive breast movement.

However, by opting to undergo a breast reduction, Simona has since climbed from around number 250 in the world to the 3rd spot; an incredible jump in rankings largely in part because of her decision to reduce the size of her breasts to a 34C when she was 17 years old.

Simona had placed very poorly in the 2008 French Open, leaving many spectators to wonder what had happened. Before surgery, she mentioned, “It’s the weight that troubles me. My ability to react quickly, my breasts make me uncomfortable when I play.”

She returned in 2014 – with smaller breasts – and made it all the way to the finals where she was unable to secure the victory over Maria Sharapova. She did, however, secure a 3rd place world ranking for her incredible performance this year.

Her unique case serves as a testimony to the many benefits a breast reduction can offer to those who are suffering from pain of any sort – whether related to sports or not. Nobody should ever compromise their own health simply because of the breasts they were born with.