Rising Melanoma Rates in the U.S. – Causes and How to Avoid

Each year in America, nearly five million men and women are treated with skin cancer, including melanoma – the deadliest type of skin cancer. According to the US National Cancer Institute, the number of American adults diagnosed with melanoma has been growing at a remarkable rate; so much so that the rate of new melanoma cases has tripled from 7.89 per 100,000 population in the 1970s to 22.7 in 2010.

Just as shocking is the fact that melanoma death rate for the highest risk group, which is white American males, has increased rapidly from 2.6 deaths per 100,000 men in 1975 to 4.6 in 2011.

The CDC has also reported that the rates of new melanoma cases among both men and women have been rising by 1.4 to 1.6 percent per year. Teenagers have also not been spared, with melanoma incidence increasing by 2 percent every year between 1973 and 2009.

What To Avoid / Causes of Melanoma

While the exact causes of this deadly cancer are not known, scientists have established various risk factors for melanoma, including tanning, family history, severe sunburns, UV radiation, number of moles on the person’s skin, freckles, and fair skin.

To reduce the incidence of melanoma, people can manage three of these risk factors: severe sunburns, exposure to UV radiation, and indoor tanning.

1. Limiting exposure to direct sunlight

Ultraviolet radiation (UVR) is a human carcinogen. According to the CDC, 61 percent of American adults know that excessive exposure to direct sunlight can cause cancer, and even take measures to protect themselves. In fact, public health surveys suggest that the number of Americans claiming to protect themselves from the sun increased considerably between 2005 and 2010.

Within this period, there has also been significant growth of sunscreen product sales, implying that they could be one of the primary ways for people to protect themselves from direct sunlight. Unfortunately, bogus label claims of being “broad-spectrum”, combined with the fact that some only protect from UVB rays (not also UVA rays) could be leaving Americans unprotected in direct sunlight.

2. Avoid sunburns

One study shows that while a good number of American adults employ certain sun protective behaviors, such as using sunscreen, wearing long-sleeved clothing, and staying in the shade, there has not been a corresponding reduction in sunburns among individuals in that age group.

3. Avoid tanning beds

Tanning beds emit both UVA and UVB rays. UVA rays penetrate to the dermal-epidermal where melanomas begin, while UVB increase the risk of getting skin cancers, including melanomas.

The increased risk of melanoma linked to the use of tanning beds is 59 percent for people who were first exposed to the artificial UV rays before the age of 35 years, and increases with the number of tanning bed sessions each year.

Generally, all tan – from direct or artificial UV rays, can cause melanoma. So, if you really want to look tan, perhaps consider using a self-tanning product, but also use sunscreen with SPF 30, since most self-tanners typically don’t offer any sun protection.

avosant sunscreen dr golshaniDr. Golshani’s line of skincare products, under the brand name Avosant, include a sunscreen with SPF 30 formulated with a moisturizing formula of 17% micronized zinc to provide the highest level of broad-spectrum protection. It’s also chemical and oil-free. Contact our office today @ (310) 274-3481 to purchase.

Beating the Holiday Weight Gain | Dr. Golshani’s Advice

Just when you start seeing results for your weight control results, boom! – It’s another holiday with plenty of feasting. From holiday gatherings to banquets and office parties, and all the festive cooking in between, for most, it is nearly impossible to not register a 5-pound weight gain.

Now that the 4th of July is over, that is one more holiday behind you. Summer is officially here, and there is no better time to restart. No matter how hard you think you exercise, or how much you watch your portions, there is always room to improve. A few adjustments and extra activities will help you beat the holiday weight gain. Here are some of Dr. Golshani’s personal suggestions:

1. Make every moment count

Instead of remaining seated at a party all night as you overindulge in food and drinks, consider getting up and moving by dancing the night away. Being active will not only break the ice at the party, but also burn some calories.

Also, consider engaging in some general cleaning after the holidays. Sweeping, scrubbing, mopping, and other house chores will help you burn the calories you took in and you’ll feel good about yourself.

2. Counterbalance

You should know your pre-holiday and post-holiday tendencies. For instance, if you eat a fairly heavy diet and exercise 3x a week, consider that the threshold for the holiday season as well. This basically means that you can enjoy yourself as much as you’d like, but you must counterbalance the extra caloric intake with an extra workout for the week.

For example, if you attend two dinner parties the same week, you should add the equivalent of two workouts to your weekly workout routine.

Dr. Golshani offers a personalized, comprehensive weight loss program in Beverly Hills.

3. Slow down the way you eat

Aim to chew your food a little more before swallowing. This way, you can take in the tastes, textures, and scents in the food, making your experience more satisfying.

At the same time, you will have the time to contemplate what you are eating, including the amount of carbohydrates and calories in your food, which will keep you from overindulging.

4. Choose protein

Fill your plate with more protein than carbohydrates and fats. Proteins are associated with greater satiety (feeling full faster), which can help to maintain a healthy weight. Make sure you are selecting lean protein sources such as poultry, fish (i.e. salmon and cod), beans, and nuts.

Besides watching what you eat, you should also watch your liquid calorie intake. Far often people subconsciously cast liquids as non-caloric. One beer can have as much as 100 calories or more. Too much caffeine or alcohol can not only increase your calorie intake, but also dramatically interfere with your sleep patterns.

5. Find an accountability buddy

If chances are that you won’t be able to control yourself, it is better to get someone to look over your shoulder and help you stay on track. A family member or friend with similar health and fitness goals, and is committed to staying healthy during the holidays, can be a great accountability buddy. In fact, you should support and encourage each other throughout the holiday season.

weight loss beverly hillsReally struggling to lose weight? Receive help from a Board-Certified Surgeon. Dr. Golshani offers a personalized, comprehensive weight loss program in Beverly Hills that addresses weight issues issues including nutrient deficiencies, sugar-addiction, poor digestion, gluten intolerance, intestinal yeast overgrowth, food allergies, and more.

Did You Know BOTOX® is Also Used for Migraine Treatment?

Migraine headaches are characterized by painful, debilitating sensations in the brain, and patients are willing to try just about anything to find relief. Individuals with chronic migraines have to endure these severe headaches – that last between 4 and 72 hours – for 15 or more days every month. Their quality of life is adversely affected, with patients experiencing nausea accompanied with photo and phonophobia.

Various preventative therapies have been used to treat migraines, but one of them has gained momentum, namely botulinum toxin type A – also known as BOTOX®.

Isn’t Botox for Wrinkles?

Botox first came to the limelight in the 1990s and early 2000s as a wrinkle reducer. A few years later, researchers realized that Botox could be used to treat other conditions, and in 2010, the FDA approved it as a preventive treatment for chronic migraines.

Botox for Migraines – FDA Approved

Botox is administered through injection. The drug itself is made from Clostridium botulinum, a toxic bacterium that is also known to cause a deadly food poisoning called botulism.

Read more on the FDA’s warning on black market Botox injections.

When used for the treatment of migraines, Botox is administered once every three months, for a period of 15 months. The doctor injects multiple doses of the drug in specific points along the bridge of your nose, forehead, temples, neck, back of the head, and upper back. The treatment is aimed at reducing the symptoms of migraine headaches, which include nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to smells, sounds, and lights.

Relief does not happen instantly. In fact, the American Headache Society claims that improvement can take between 10 and 14 days, while some may not experience any relief after their first set of injections: in which case, it is recommended that additional treatments be sought.

Should You Choose Botox Treatment?

Botox is recommended for individuals who do not tolerate migraine medication. It is to be used as an alternative solution.

Dr. Golshani may not recommend it until other treatment options have failed to adequately address your chronic migraines. Botox treatment for chronic migraines is safe, considering that there no serious complications or side effects. The most common effects of the injections include neck pain, temporary muscle weakness in the upper shoulders and neck, and stiffness at the injection site, which often resolves in only a few days.

It is an affordable option since most insurance providers cover the expense of Botox injections used for the treatment of chronic migraines, as opposed to cosmetic purposes (i.e. wrinkles).

In some cases, insurance companies require you to undergo other tests or procedures before they authorize Botox treatment.

beverly hills botox treatment for migraines Dr. Golshani offers Botox treatment in Beverly Hills for use in treating migraines, as well as for cosmetic purposes including reducing wrinkles and smoothing out facial skin. If you are interested in Botox treatment, then please call our office @ (310) 274-3481 to speak with a Botox specialist.

How To Avoid Having Aged Hands – Granny Hands

how to avoid aged granny handsYour hands age just like the rest of your body. Despite being in a prominent place, they are often overlooked and neglected when it comes to skin care.

While most of your body parts are well protected from UV radiation, including your face through sunscreen and other SPF lotions, your hands are often left exposed to direct solar radiation which destroys the skin’s elastin, causing sagginess, discoloration, and wrinkles, among other problems. Over exposure to sunlight also causes the skin to lose collagen that keeps it soft and supple.

As you get older, the natural fat cushions in your hands also decrease. Since the skin on the back of your hands is very thin, loss of fat padding leaves all structures exposed, including veins, tendons, and bones, giving you the aged, bony look.

So, how can you avoid having aged, granny hands?

  1. Sun protection

It is estimated that 90 percent of skin wrinkles and discoloration is from the sun. Your hands are just as susceptible to solar damage as your face. Apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF of around 25 on your hands to protect them from UVA radiation from the sun that causes skin aging. If you are spending a lot of time in sunlight, re-apply the sunscreen every 2 hours.

  1. Apply lotions with antioxidants

Prolonged exposure to sunlight damages the collagen and elastin in the skin at the back of your hands, and also leads to the development of dark spots. Applying a serum or cream that has antioxidants will help to prevent any damage from UV radiation reaching your skin.

  1. Creams with collagen stimulators

Your hands naturally lose fat as you age, which leaves your veins and bones exposed. To reduce the effect, use creams with ingredients like retinol, peptides, and growth factors, which tend to restore collagen in the skin.

  1. Physical protection

Besides applying topical creams, you should consider wearing gloves whenever you are gardening, doing housework, and exposed to very cold weather. Gloves also help to protect your nails from damage.

  1. Exfoliating

This is a vital part of proper skin care as it helps to remove dead skin cells, revealing new skin underneath. The same applies to hand care, to help reduce the rough, dull look of your hands. However, you should be gentle, because the skin is not as thick as that in your body or feet.

See Dr. Golshani’s 3 Daily Habits for Healthy Skin.

Lastly, you should consider switching your beauty and skin care products to natural products. Some of the chemicals used in soaps and other cosmetic products can irritate and inflame the skin at the back of your hands. So, consider switching them to keep your hands looking healthy and youthful, and of course, drink plenty of water.

Dr. Golshani’s Skincare Products & Recommendations

skin care products prevent aged granny handsDr. Golshani offers a handful of skin care products that will help prevent aged-looking hands as they have been studied and thoroughly evaluated by Dr. Golshani himself for ingredients and efficacy. They are recommended to many of his own patients who have reported excellent results.

The full list could be found here.

A Safer, Better Breast Implant: Sientra Implants

sientra breast implant surgeonPicture your breasts feeling firmer, fuller, or perky. Millions of women opt for breast enhancement for a variety of reasons, including filling out their clothes, boosting their self-esteem, or making their physique more proportionate. You probably have a vision of how you want to look after the procedure, and have already discussed the topic with your family and close friends. That is a great start.

But for a truly successful experience, it is best that you conduct some research and familiarize yourself with the entire process, so you know what to expect. Your Sientra breast implant surgeon will be your most important resource.

The Sientra Breast Implant Difference

It takes a skilled and experienced cosmetic surgeon to create the perfect look, but only your implant can create the right feel. Sientra offers both round and teardrop (shaped) implant options, which utilize a proprietary gel fill technology, high-strength cohesive (HSC) Silicone Gel, with a formulation that is unique to each implant shape – all approved by the FDA.

Silicone gel breast implants are sacs or implant shells made of silicone elastomer (rubber) that are filled with clear silicone gel so they resemble the human breast in weight, shape, and feel.

How Safe is Silicone?

The silicone used in breast implants is made from silicon, which a naturally occurring element, extracted from the silica found in rock and sand. Studies have proven that silicone is one of the best materials that can be used in medical devices owing to its high degree of biocompatibility.

Among the medical devices that use silicon today are implants, catheters, the sheath of probes and pacemakers, and medical products like contact lenses, bandages and dressing, medical lubricant for syringes, and gastrointestinal medications, among others.

Unique Feature – Easy to Track

Every implant is unique to the client, and Sientra stamps each implant with a distinct serial number. So, after your surgery, your surgeon will give you a Device Tracking and Sientra Warranty card listing the serial number of your implant. The card will be used to confirm your enrollment in the Device Tracking Program in the warranty and replacement programs offered by Sientra, and you can use it to identify yourself to doctors and other healthcare providers when receiving treatment to avoid complications. (Federal regulations require that Sientra track its Silicone Gel Breast Implants)

Lifetime Warranty

To give you piece of mind, Sientra offers lifetime product replacement if your implant ruptures, provided your breast augmentation procedure was done by a board certified plastic surgeon, and in accordance to the Sientra breast implant directions for use. Dr. Golshani is double-board certified so the warranty will apply.

There is also a limited warranty of up to $3600 toward surgery if the need arises due to rupture within 10 years after the breast implant surgery, as well as free contra-lateral implant if need be.

Interested in Sientra Breast Implants?

dr golshani realselfDr. Golshani performs breast augmentation using Sientra breast implants at his Beverly Hills plastic surgery practice. As a double-board certified breast augmentation surgeon, he is well equipped with the safety and knowledge to deliver the results you want. He currently offers FREE breast augmentation consultations so if you’re curious to learn more about Sientra breast implants, then please call his office @ (310) 274-3481.

Mommy Makeover – How Soon After Pregnancy?

how soon to get mommy makeoverMommy Makeovers are a popular procedure that many new Mothers seek out in an attempt to restore their body to its former glory pre-pregnancy – especially just before summer in time for bikini season. However, sometimes Mothers jump into the procedure sooner than what is recommended. Your Beverly Hills mommy makeover surgeon, Dr. Golshani, touches on this common question – when is it too soon?

What is a “Mommy Makeover”?

First, I’d like to cover exactly what the Mommy Makeover procedure is and what it entails.

A mommy makeover involves abdominal contouring and breast reshaping. After having children, many women find that they have excess skin and soft-tissue laxity in both their breasts and abdomen. Since exercise and dieting cannot quite address excess skin laxity, a surgical procedure is necessary to remove and tighten these body parts, especially if the level of laxity is beyond minimal.

A mommy makeover is the ideal solution for many women, and comprises procedures to deal with issues involving your post-pregnancy “pouch”, breasts, excess abdominal skin, reshaping the belly button, and abdominal muscles that need tightening. This is accomplished through a variety of procedures that constitute the “Mommy Makeover”:

Keep in mind these are the typical procedures you see in a mommy makeover. Every patient is different and may require other procedures to meet their goals.

When is it too soon for a Mommy Makeover?

For many women, the question is not whether or not a mommy makeover is right for them, but rather how soon they can receive one. During pregnancy, the body releases hormones and changes to provide room for the growth of the baby. Not only does the abdomen stretch to accommodate the new child, but the breasts also engorge to facilitate the delivery of milk for the baby. After birth, the body begins to adjust itself since the changes are no longer needed. The skin contracts to different degrees as the body tries to regain its pre-pregnancy state: a process that takes several months.

A mommy makeover involves a series of body contouring procedures as opposed to weight loss procedures, and you must have fulfilled several requirements for these procedures to have lasting effects:

  • You should have attained your post-pregnancy goal weight for a minimum of 6 months
  • You should have stopped breast feeding for your breasts to stop producing milk and regain their former shape and size
  • You should have completed child bearing – not planning to have any more children

The makeover will not interfere with your ability to successfully give birth, but you will probably have to undergo the same procedures if you have more children afterwards.

Considering that the recovery rate is unique for every woman, you should talk to your Beverly Hills mommy makeover surgeon to discuss and recommend a suitable plan for you, including the right timing for your mommy makeover. It’s not necessarily a topic where a definitive answer is present, but rather is strongly recommended to be discussed in person.

The scheduling should give you enough time for the abdominal wall and skin to stabilize. Don’t be too critical with your recovery rate. The changes were necessary, and took place over a period of several months. Once exercise and diet are no longer effective, a mommy makeover will help you regain your body shape.

What is the Brazilian Butt Lift (and Why it is Called “Brazilian”)?

brazilian butt lift beverly hillsBrazilian women are known and admired for their peachy and round butts, and with celebrities such Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez flaunting their hourglass figures, women are increasingly showing their interest in enhancing their buttocks.

Allure of the Brazilian Butt Lift

One of the most popular procedures that can give you firm, rounded buttocks is the Brazilian butt lift. This butt augmentation procedure seeks to give women with flat or sagging buttocks, as well as those who have lost a lot of weight causing their buttocks to change shape, a more sensual body profile with youthful, dazzling, perky buttocks.

In addition to sculpting the buttocks, this procedure reshapes your love handles, creating a lovely curve between the waist and the butt. The Brazilian butt lift does not necessarily seek to give you the biggest buttocks, but rather to create the best looking waist-hips-butt area.

The shapes that most women admire tend to have small waists and curvy transitions between the lower back and bottom, and the butt does not have to be very big or wide, provided the transition area has an attractive curve to enhance the appearance of one’s buttocks.

Preparing for Bikini Season – How The Procedure Works

This butt augmentation procedure uses your own fat to fill the upper quadrant of your butt, so the buttocks look lifted and perky. The fat transfer method gives you a natural way to get more shapely buttocks, while the liposuctioned area gets leaner, giving you a more sensuous look.

The procedure has lower risk of infection, compared to a procedure like butt implant, though the technique varies from surgeon to surgeon. Basically, the technique used influences both the outcome and the duration the results will last. The longest lasting results are best obtained by injecting the purest fat possible into your buttocks through – liposuction from selected areas (fat extraction), processing (purification) of the fat, re-injection of fat droplets.

Can Anyone Receive a Brazilian Butt Lift?

The procedure can be used with a variety of body types, though the ideal candidate should not be more than 30 pounds overweight, but with some excess fat around the hips for fat grafting.

drg-bioDr. Golshani is a double-board certified Brazilian butt lift surgeon located in Beverly Hills. He performs Brazilian liposculture techniques at his Beverly Hills surgical center in order to enhance the appearance and shape of the buttocks.

Dr. Golshani offers FREE consultations to discuss your questions and concerns.

How Does Drinking Water Help Your Skin?

how water helps skinIt is advisable to drink the required amount of water daily to improve your overall health, since water helps in digestion, absorption, circulation, and excretion. In addition, there are claims that drinking clean water gives you healthy, radiant, and younger-looking complexion. But how much water is needed to impact your skin?

The skin is like any other organ in your body, in that it is made of cells: cells that are primarily made up of water. Without enough water, it is unlikely that your organs will function optimally.

How Does Dehydration Affect Your Skin?

There are certain instances when your skin does not get sufficient water. This could be due to reduced water intake or over consumption of alcohol or caffeine, causing your other organs to pull water from your blood. As your blood thickens due to water deficiency, it in turn pulls water from the skin cells, causing your skin to look dry, tight, and flaky, and your eyes darker and sunken. When your pores are dehydrated, they are at higher risk of getting bumps, acne, and even blackheads.

Dry skin is less resilient and elastic, making it more likely to get wrinkles. Over time, this state can age you faster. However, if you are not feeling thirsty, it is unlikely that you have reached the point of dehydration that thickens your blood and affects your skin.

Read Dr. Golshani’s Beautiful Skin Care Tips for Spring.

dehydration-effects-on-skinImportance of Regular Hydration

When you drink water, it will reach all your other organs before the skin. This is why it is recommended that you drink a lot of water: 2.2 liters for women and 3 liters for men – spread throughout the day. Drinking more water allows you to expand the moisture potential of your skin, which affects your pores. The pores of hydrated skin are flexible, allowing them to stretch and secrete natural oils. This makes the skin less likely to crack and let in foreign particles that cause irritations.

How Soon Will I See the Benefits of Drinking Water to Help Skin?

If you start drinking a lot of water today, you should not expect to see changes overnight, but a couple of weeks of drinking sufficient water should be enough to see how hydration helps your skin. It is also important to note that proper hydration simply makes your skin look plumper, minimizing the signs of aging. Technically, the wrinkles on your skin will still be there, but not very visible.

Lastly, hydrating your skin by drinking plenty of water should be complemented with topical hydration techniques, like the application of moisturizers. Hydrating your skin both internally and externally is critical for a healthy, beautiful skin.

avosant-skin-care-productsBeverly Hills Avosant Medi-Spa Services

If you’re looking for topical recommendations, then please refer to my very own personal line of skincare products I developed in response to my own patients being unsatisfied after the use of multiple other products.

Dr. Golshani’s Spring Skin Care Tips for Beautiful Skin!

dr golshani spring skin care tipsSpring is a season where you shake off the symbolic layers of winter and prepare to bloom. The changes in weather can inflict damage to your skin, which is why the beginning of spring is a great time to reassess your skin care regime. Incorporating new beauty care products to your new skin needs is important in order to effectively deal with the change in climate, sunshine, high humidity, and exposure to environmental factors as you will be spending more time outdoor, whilst enhancing your beauty for the season.

Here are a few tips to help you look, feel, and stay lovely this spring:

1. Exfoliate

After the cold, dry winter days are over, your dead, dry, and flaky skin remains. So, it is important to get some deep exfoliation and cleansing. Most of your body is covered up during winter, with long sleeves, long pants, warm socks, and boots, so you rarely get to examine your feet, elbows, and knees. Get rid of the old dry skin layer to make room for fresh dazzling spring skin.

2. Purge Old Skin Care Products

Your cosmetics and other beauty products have a shelf life, and any expired products have lost their effectiveness, and possibly even harbor bacteria. To ensure safety, check the expiration dates on all your products, and toss/replace:

  • Anything past the expiration date
  • Anything that has changed its smell or color
  • Products that seem dry or crusty
  • Mascara older than three months
  • Old make-up brushes and sponges

avosant-skin-care-productsInterested in upgrading your collection of skin care products? Try one of Dr. Golshani’s scientifically-tested skin care treatments.

We have a variety of different products to choose from – essentially a one-stop shop. Check it out!

3. Use Sunscreen With Higher SPF

The sun can get very strong at this time of the year, so it is important that you always carry a day cream with SPF to protect yourself from harmful UV radiation from the sun, which may cause, among other things, premature aging and sunburns.

4. Increase Your Supplement Intake

Supplements contain vital antioxidants that help protect your skin from free radicals found in food and the polluted environment. These radicals damage your skin, and over time, destroy collagen contributing to more wrinkles and aging. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, as well as other sources of vitamins C, E, and K will help to improve your skin’s elasticity and prevent it from getting dry and flaky.

Lastly, hydrate your skin. Winter weather and over-reliance on central heating can cause your skin to feel tight and flaky. This can be remedies by increasing your hydration levels by drinking more water and using a moisturizer that contains humectants like omega oils and hyaluronic acid. Taking omega 3 supplements will also help to increase your skin hydration levels, removing the flaky post-winter look and restoring its barrier function.

What Would Mom Get Herself for Mother’s Day if She Had the Chance?

mothers day asps surveyAs you are (hopefully) well aware, Mother’s Day is coming up. A day where the nation recognizes all mothers for the dedication, courage, and strength it takes in not only carrying a child for 9 whole months, but raising the child as well! Any Mother knows the many ups and downs of raising children.

So What Do Moms Want?

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons ran a simple survey back in 2011 that revealed what it is that moms secretly want for Mother’s Day. You could say these items were on their Mother’s Day wish list.

The survey produced these results: “American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) shows that if cost were not an issue, 62 percent of mothers said that they would consider a “mommy makeover” that includes procedures such as a tummy tuck, breast augmentation and/or breast lift.”

Would The Survey Results Still Hold True Today?

Yes, the survey itself is surely old and outdated – or is it? We believe the results of this survey certainly remain true today, some 4 years later. In fact, plastic surgery has only been increasing in popularity over the years.

The new question is: if the same survey would run again today, what results what it produce? What plastic surgeries are moms interested in today? Perhaps instead of a “Mommy Makeover”, moms may be considering the use of dermal fillers such as Botox® for more facial volume and less wrinkles. For cosmetic surgery, women’s attitudes and trends frequently change as technology grows further and new techniques are discovered.

An issue is most mothers are not aware of new products and services. For instance, are you aware of the Eclipse MicroPen? It is an amazing upcoming trend: micro needling. We believe moms would love it. Why? Simple: because it greatly reduces/eliminates wrinkles anywhere on the body.

It used to be that Mothers in their 50s were the main demographic who sought tummy tucks and mommy makeovers. However, over the years the trend has slowly shifted toward young Mothers in their 30s coming in more for these procedures. The reason why? Time. It’s the simple fact that most mothers want their pre-pregnant bodies back almost immediately after having their last child.

Spend Time With Mom!

So for this Mother’s Day, make absolutely sure to spend precious time with your mothers – and if you feel comfortable asking, try and find out if she has any “secret” wish list… you never know until you ask. 🙂

Happy Mother’s Day from the team at Dr. Golshani’s Beverly Hills office!